Founded in 2006, Cambium is a renowned multi-service consulting and engineering company providing services throughout Eastern Ontario with offices in Peterborough, Barrie, Oshawa, and Kingston. Our team offers high-quality expertise and services in environmental, geotechnical, building sciences, and construction testing and inspection. Biologists also form part of our environmental team and offer specialty services in aquatic and terrestrial ecology - Environmental Impact Studies, Natural Heritage Assessments, and Species at Risk Assessments to name just a few.

Cambium focuses on meeting your project needs with innovative and practical solutions. We prefer an integrated team approach working with clients to provide solutions grounded in a sound conservation ethic, designed with leading edge technologies, and tailored to reflect legislative and regulatory realities. Our mission is to provide exceptional service guiding decisions for a better future. Threaded within our services is a commitment to support community development design and initiatives for a greener and better tomorrow.

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Environmental Engineering

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