Mission & Culture

Mission & Culture

A Reflection of Who We Are

At Cambium, our company culture is the key contributor to our success.  Culture, for us, is defined simply as “the way we do things around here”, which involves the way we interact with each other, with our clients, and with the communities that we serve. Our culture has shaped our positive attitude and enjoyment for work, developed dynamic work relationships, and has become a defining element of the Cambium brand.

Positive Attitudes

We believe that a cohesive, cooperative team thrives within an engaged, entrepreneurial, and progressive culture. We strive to cultivate an inclusive and positive attitude within all employees to build lasting relationships of mutual understanding and trust, both amongst our staff and with our clients. The result is a shared pride in our services reinforced by our driving motivation to meet high standards of performance.

Together, we have created a positive and fun work environment. Each member of our team adds to the diversity of our culture. We continue to attract like-minded people who enjoy their work and as our clients can attest, this radiates positively through to the quality of our service.

We work from a “flat” organizational structure to facilitate opportunities for participation by all team members in the company’s operations, including strategic planning, profit sharing and company ownership.

Employees are Valued and Supported

Cambium recognizes the contributions of each employee towards the development and success of our company. We recognize the importance of each person’s skills and we provide opportunities and exposure to challenging work to help staff reach their highest capabilities. Our team members have access to training and cross-training opportunities to support their career advancement desires. If you love what you do and like to work an environment that allows you to professionally grow, then Cambium is the place for you.

We believe in a personal approach to maintaining a clear balance of the needs of our employees with that of the company and its clients. This approach helps to maintain an energetic, positive, safe and healthy work environment.

Our focus is on health, well-being and job-satisfaction for all of our team members. We offer a compensation package that includes comprehensive benefits, a generous vacation entitlement and an employer sponsored Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan. But by far, one of the most cherished aspects of the Cambium culture is the flexibility in scheduling to allow for work and family life balance.

A Team that Plays Together Stays Together

Yes, we have fun at work and make opportunities to gather as a team to celebrate our successes. We hold seasonal potluck lunches, fundraise and participate in the dragon boat festival, and when time permits, play a little road hockey after work. While work brings us together as colleagues, the Cambium team truly enjoys spending time as a group with our families and we gather together outside of work at an annual picnic and during the holidays.

Mission and Vision

Cambium's mission: Exceptional service, guiding decisions for a better future.

Our vision: A uniquely collaborative culture of entrepreneurship that balances the actions of today with the needs of tomorrow.

Cambium Values:

  • Attracting and supporting energetic, talented, positive people desiring a workplace that values an inspired, gratifying, work-life balance.
  • Encouraging the growth of our uniquely personal culture.
  • Fostering client relationships that value mutual understanding, communication, and quality service.š
  • Giving back to the communities we serve through volunteer efforts and financial contributions.
  • Upholding an entrepreneurial spirit that allows for the proactive adaptation and evolution of our services and methods that are harmonious with changing client needs.š