Cambium’s New Materials Testing Lab


The first stage of our big move began one year ago when we moved our lab services from our Queensway location over to Sophia Street. Our operations were outgrowing the space we were in, so finding a building that could house both our head office and lab was very important to us. Through our renovations and the incorporation of some great new features, we have been able to customize the space to fit our needs.

The new lab space has some great new features and equipment that can help us better serve our clients, such as:

  1. Concrete Moisture Room: The Moisture Room is used to cure concrete test specimens. The room is maintained at 23 +/- 2o C and relative humidity of not less than 95% according to CSA standards. This feature has allowed us to reduce the required floor space compared to water storage tanks while still allowing the lab to cure up to 1800 cylinders.
  2. Dedicated rooms for equipment: We have built rooms to house specific pieces of equipment to help reduce noise and dust and improve the health & safety of our staff
  3. Upgraded and larger fume hood for safe testing and processing of asphalt samples
  4. A more thought-out design and overall layout of the lab to allow for better sample flow and improved efficiencies

We are excited to have our office and lab under one roof come this Spring! It will be great for our Peterborough team to be able to collaborate closer together in our new space.

Cambium’s New Office Space – 194 Sophia Street


At Cambium, we strive to practice what we preach. When we complete work for our customers, we want to leave the site with an environmentally positive impact. The same goes for our own personal project; the rejuvenation of our new Peterborough office, 194 Sophia Street. Not only does renovating an existing building generally have less of an environmental impact than building new or developing greenspace, but we have also incorporated several changes which help minimize our footprint.

Some of these changes include:

  1. Daylight Harvesting: We have opened up the entire upper-level ceiling to capture as much daylight as possible from the high, vertical clerestory windows. This will drastically minimize the need for artificial lighting during the day. Though, we will also be installing all-new lighting with high-efficiency LED fixtures.
  2. Heating and Cooling: We have installed new rooftop heating/cooling units which allow us to utilize more electricity for heating and minimizes our GHG emissions – electricity has much lower emissions than natural gas in Ontario.
  3. Reusing Building Materials: Throughout this renovation, we have looked to reuse existing materials wherever we could. For example, during the demolition process, we reused a dozen doors and even some wooden wall studs, which were previously used to build storage shelves.
  4. “Flowerpot”: Our renovations have included the addition of a passenger elevator to ensure that we have a fully accessible working environment. On the upper level, there is a fair bit of space between the top of the elevator shaft and the ceiling, where we plan to incorporate live vegetation on the top of the shaft. This feature has affectionately been named “the flowerpot” and will not only be a cool addition, but live vegetation in the office has been found to improve air quality and also team well-being.
  5. Multi-Functional Roof: Looking towards the future, we have had a study conducted on the roof construction for the possibility of adding solar panels or a vegetated roof.

We are looking forward to our move-in date in the spring and will to share more with you all soon.

Cambium Opens Kingston Office


Cambium's Kingston Office at 710 Arlington Park Place
Cambium’s Kingston Office at 710 Arlington Park Place

Cambium is proud to announce the opening of its newest office in Kingston, Ontario. With the opening of the Kingston office, we now have 5 locations across central Ontario to service our growing client base. Our decision to establish a permanent presence in Kingston was an easy one to make. The main factor for opening the new office was due to the increase in service requests from clients in the region coupled with opportunities to collaborate with the existing team of local professionals.

The office officially opened its doors in June, but Cambium is no stranger to the City having already worked in the community and with neighbouring municipalities for many years. At the onset of its phenomenal growth three-years ago, Cambium established regional offices in Oshawa and Barrie. “We are responding to the needs of our clients combined with the eagerness of our team to offer our services to a broader audience,” shares President/CEO, John Desbiens, P.Eng.

Kingston is a strong, vibrant community offering exciting opportunity for businesses and economic growth. We look forward to being a part of the community for many years to come.