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Cambium understands the importance of employee well-being and job satisfaction. A content and healthy staff is productive and energized which in turn is the basis for a successful organization. Our focus on caring for the employee as a whole person is apparent when reviewing the following benefits available to Cambium staff:

  • A friendly and accepting work atmosphere
  • A competitive compensation package including comprehensive benefits
  • Minimum three (3) weeks of vacation entitlement for all new employees
  • The opportunity to participate in an employer sponsored Registered Pension Plan (RPP)
  • Company profit sharing opportunities
  • Company ownership opportunities
  • Employee training and development initiatives and support for career advancement (through financial assistance and flexible scheduling)
  • Flexibility in schedule allowing employees to balance work and family life
  • Staff outings/social events

Explore the various career opportunities offered at each of our office locations:





Resumes may be submitted via email to hr@cambium-inc.com or by fax to (705) 742.7907.

Cambium will also periodically accept applications for internships. Interns must be enrolled in an applicable degree or diploma program or have graduated within the past 24 months of applying for an internship. Interns may be paid or unpaid depending on the type of work and the needs of the company. Candidates will be required to submit their Curriculum Vitae along with a covering letter to articulate their interests, objectives, the proposed position, the contributions of that position, and their qualifications/experience for that position. All eligible applications will be retained for 6 months in the confidential personnel files of the Human Resources department. Please submit all requested information (as detailed above) to: hr@cambium-inc.com.

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