March Waste Bulletin: Organics Processing Technology

Spring is on the horizon and we are looking forward to the changing seasons. With spring comes thoughts of gardening and … compost!  See the following waste bulletin about organic waste management. Contact our Waste Management Project Manager Heather Dzurko with...

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Excess Soil Guidelines

Starting Jan 1, 2021, the excess soil rules come into force, with the online excess soil registry starting Jan 1, 2022. These two milestones don’t have a direct impact on landfills. Section 22 of O. Reg. 406 pertains directly to landfills and comes into force on Jan...

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Using Landfill Sites to Save Pollinators

The world is experiencing a decline in pollinator species that is very troubling. Pollinators like bees, hummingbirds and butterflies are essential to both the natural and agricultural environments. Without pollinator species, we would experience severe food shortages...

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