Certified Arborist Services section banner with arborist inspecting a tree

Certified Arborist Services

Cambium is proud to include a Certified Arborist, through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), as a member of our team. Complemented by experienced Terrestrial Ecologists, our Certified Arborist provides comprehensive tree consulting services for private and municipal development and infrastructure projects, ensuring compliance to relevant bylaws and good land use planning. Pairing these complementary services has been found to lead to survey efficiencies in environmental planning and approvals services. This approach also serves to improve the identification of environmental protection requirements and site-appropriate restoration plans.

We work with you to ensure your tree planning needs are met for your project, whether it is a construction project, infrastructure maintenance or upgrades, or municipal forest management support. Cambium will ensure your project and tree needs are met during planning, development and construction. Our ISA Certified Arborist provides consulting services for:

  • Arborist Reports
  • Tree Protection Plans / Preservation Plans
  • Tree Inventories / Tree Surveys
  • Forestry Baseline Studies