Community Facilitation and Consultation

Community Facilitation and Consultation

Modern land use planning and development projects are part of increasingly complex systems and regulations. This reality can become very costly, and reduce the potential for success for those that are not prepared to navigate these challenges. That is why we have chosen to provide cost effective professional services that help our clients streamline their projects and plans. Our goal is to make community development and planning effective in achieving our clients’ goals, be they municipal, non-profit or private sector.

We tailor our service programs specifically to your project needs and are proud to offer the following services:

  • Innovative Citizen Engagement and Community Support
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and Duty to Consult
  • Infill Development and adaptive Re-use
  • Strategic Action Plans
  • Municipal Official Plans, Zoning and Development Permit Bylaws
  • Neighbourhood group support

Innovative Citizen Engagement and Community

Public consultation provides a forum to generate valuable community input and feedback. It is important to work directly with the community to learn firsthand about their needs to ensure it is incorporated into any plan.

Cambium has conducted numerous innovative citizen engagement sessions and has incorporated a number of unique tools to generate input and communicate vital project information:

Project Specific Mobile Apps

We utilize mobile Apps that are project specific to empower people to interact and express themselves on a simple, user-intuitive interface. The benefits are an engagement tool that gathers meaningful feedback, analytics and tangible data that helps demonstrate what, where and why things are working and potential opportunities for a project.

Cambium has used this tool to host a variety of activities such as polls and photographic scavenger hunts. The tool we use has received critical acclaim from prestigious news and technical journals.

Animated videos

The animated videos our lead planner Robert Voigt has developed are the first of their kind for the industry, and Cambium is the only planning firm that provides this service. These videos build on the neuroscience behind peoples’ learning styles. The format is appealing to a broad range of age groups and is easy to forward through social media, making them great for generating interest in a project. These videos have been featured throughout North America for ULI, OPPI, and at conferences, university programs and film festivals as well as in professional publications.

Drone Photography

To better understand development sites, street corridors, and the urban form of communities, Cambium has taken to the sky. We are the first planning firm to receive approvals from the Ministry of Transportation to use drones to capture low altitude aerial photographs. These images provide current snapshots of community characteristics, and are used to analyze and identify patterns and opportunities in the physical environment.