Land and Economic Reconciliation: Cambium and Cambium Indigenous Professional Services Forge Groundbreaking Agreement 

Feb 28, 2024

PETERBOROUGH, ON, Feb. 23, 2024 – Cambium Inc. (Cambium) and Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS) are thrilled to announce a transformative agreement emphasizing land and economic reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. 

In a significant step towards fostering full Indigenous ownership, Cambium, a shareholder in CIPS, and CIPS have committed to a share repurchase at fair market value. This facilitates CIPS’ evolution into an independent 100% First Nation -owned, -operated, and -employed entity.  

The share repurchase coincides with a newly formalized Reconciliation Agreement to replace ownership in CIPS.  The Reconciliation Agreement outlines joint efforts to develop project strategies that contribute to enhanced land outcomes while pursuing mutual prosperity. The collaboration seeks project-based partnerships that respect the right to self-determination in business growth and align with the minimum standard of Free, Prior Informed Consent per the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Both companies are dedicated to sustainable practices prioritizing environmental conservation and respecting Indigenous land rights. 

Michael Jacobs, a Member of the Curve Lake First Nation and CEO at CIPS, stated, “We appreciate the support we have received from Cambium as shareholders for the past nine years.  We’re excited about our innovative approach to maintaining a vision of reconciliation and partnership with Indigenous Peoples without non-Indigenous ownership. This collaboration will provide corporate Canada with a mechanism to work with First Nation businesses and not assume equity positions.” 

John Desbiens, President, and CEO at Cambium, expressed, “We believe in the responsibility of corporations to contribute to the communities in which they operate. The evolution of our partnership with CIPS signifies our commitment to meaningful engagement with Indigenous Peoples, acknowledging their unique perspectives and contributions.” 

For information on Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS), please click here: Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS) | Indigenous Awareness Consulting Specialists and Community Engagement Experts

For more information on Cambium, please click here: About Us – Cambium (cambium-inc.com)

Signing the agreement
Cambium and CIPS forge new agreement focused on land and economic reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.


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