Team Cambium

John Desbiens

John Desbiens P.Eng.

Along with leading the Cambium team, John’s specialty is water – specifically drinking water systems, water quality, and water quantity. He has successfully managed and contributed more than 200 drinking water systems projects ranging in scope from regulatory compliance to communal systems design to water supply assessment/protection. In addition, John possesses project management experience in environmental impact, waste management, environmental assessment, brownfields revitalization, and environmental management systems.

Jim Bailey

Jim Bailey P. Eng.

Jim’s focus is environmental services, namely soil, water, and air. He has more than 15 years of experience in environmental management, with specific experience in assessment, monitoring and compliance management of soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water. He has completed and managed hundreds of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments and remediations understanding offer contracts with Public Works and Government Services Canada, Petro-Canada, (read more)Ultramar, Sunoco, UPI in addition to various private and municipal clients.  Jim has successfully remediated many sites using in-situ and pump and treat technologies for a variety of compounds but most typically chlorinated (TCE, PCE and vinyl chloride) and petroleum hydrocarbons

Dave Bucholtz

Dave Bucholtz C. Tech., EP.

With over 15 years of technical experience in environmental consulting services, Dave’s specialty is waste management. He has successfully provided technical waste management support to over fifteen municipal clients in Ontario with over fifty (50) waste disposal and waste transfer sites. He has also managed and participated in more than 200 waste management monitoring projects, in addition to a multitude of site design, approvals and characterization, and waste management strategic planning projects.

Stu Baird

Stu Baird P.Eng.

Stu’s expertise is in subsurface conditions. He’s conducted hundreds of geotechnical investigations, identifying the ‘below ground’ situation in order to develop geotechnical parameters for various structures including buildings, retaining walls, culverts, headwalls, infrastructure, roadways, and solar and wind farm facilities. With over 25 years of experience, Stu’s experience spills over into environmental site assessments and hydrogeological investigations.

Rob Arkell

Rob Arkell B.Comm., LEED AP

As Sustainability Specialist for Cambium, Rob leads the company’s activities in providing sustainability services to our public and private sector clients.  His recent work includes the development of several municipal energy management plans, the development of Fleming College’s first corporate sustainability plan and implementation strategy, as well as his coordination role in the creation of the Sustainable Peterborough Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.  Additionally, Rob’s experience includes development and implementation of a sustainability partnership program; the creation of a customized (read more)sustainability toolkit featuring examples of policies, programs, and best practices; leading stakeholder engagement and community consultation initiatives; and, qualitative research analysis.

Prior to entering the field of sustainability, Rob spent 15 years managing shopping centre and warehouse facilities where his experience included project management, the development of energy and water conservation programs, and his participation in a LEED Silver certified renovation/expansion project.  Rob’s holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business & Economics from University of Windsor, a RPA designation from the Building Owners and Managers Association, as well as the designation of LEED Associated Professional through the Canadian Green Building Council

Rob Cole

Rob Cole C.E.T.

Rob has a wealth of experience and practical knowledge in geotechnical investigation and material and inspection testing having worked in the industry throughout Quebec Nova Scotia Alberta and all of Ontario for over 45 years. His has extensive experience involving forensic material studies, soil investigations, aggregate investigation and quality control testing, concrete inspection and testing, asphalt testing and mix design, roofing and structural steel inspections.
Rob provides quality control oversight for various projects to ensure accurate and complete results are submitted to our clients. He has managed and successfully (read more)completed a number of large construction contracts for a variety of public and private clients, including acting as the QC Project Manager for a number of government projects.

Sadie Bachynski

Sadie Bachynski P.Eng.

Sadie’s experience and expertise focuses on environmental projects, mainly in the areas of impact assessments, and compliance management. Her main areas of specialty are air pollution and environmental noise, and general industrial environmental compliance (assessment, maintenance, and mitigation). Sadie has also participated in conducting large environmental screening projects which include Renewable Energy Approvals. Included in her portfolio is the completion of over 30 Environmental Compliance Assessments (ECAs) for air and noise for a variety of different sites including: hospitals, laboratories, (read more)power generation facilities, food manufacturing facilities, large industrial sites, mobile equipment and mining.

As well, Sadie has assisted with the management, data collection, reporting, and due diligence activities related to environmental monitoring and compliance based projects for number of large industrial clients that need to consider how their operations interact with the surroundings as potential sources of pollution

Chris Rancourt

Chris Rancourt M.Sc., P.Geo.

Chris has over 18 years’ experience providing a broad range of environmental services to industrial, municipal, federal and private clients. He is a hydrogeologist and a certified member of the Association of Professional Geoscientist of Ontario, the Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists and the National Groundwater Association. Chris’ expertise includes a broad range of contaminant remediation options and he extensive project experience that includes combined hydrogeologic and surface water quality investigations with particular focus on nutrient transport from development and agriculture to surface water. (read more)He provides a broad range of services for clients that includes hydrogeological studies; landfills and industrial contaminated property groundwater plumes; and soil and air contamination issues, to name just a few. Chris has also provided expert services to clients in both Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) and Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) matters.

Mike Bingham

Mike Bingham P.Geo.

With over 20 years in the hydrogeological sector, Mike’s main area of expertise is groundwater.  He has extensive experience with municipal groundwater studies including source protection and resource evaluation along with permitting and licensing for municipal groundwater supplies. In addition Mike has led several multi-sector regional groundwater studies in partnership with municipalities, academia, and the Province.  He also possesses expert witness experience (read more)at the Ontario Municipal Board, and he is a certified Risk Management Official in the Province of Ontario under the Clean Water Act .

In addition to Mike’s water related experience, he has led several brownfield re-development and contaminated lands management projects and has extensive experience with spills response, management, and control.  He is a registered QP for Phase I and Phase II ESA’s under the Environmental Protection Act

Rob Gethin

Rob Gethin P.Eng.

Rob has over ten years of experience working in a variety of fields including geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, and highway design. His area of expertise is with geotechnical investigations to characterize subsurface conditions for buildings, dams, infrastructure, culvert construction and pavement design/rehabilitation. Rob works from Cambium’s Barrie office leading the geotechnical projects and provides oversight for construction testing and inspection work.

Andrea Hicks

Andrea Hicks M.Sc.

Andrea has over 10 years of experience in the aquatic sciences, watershed management, and restoration field, working with non-profit organizations, research institutes, Conservation Authorities, and private consulting. Her focus has been within rural and agricultural landscapes, including streams, rivers, and lakes, wetlands, woodlands, and active agricultural operations. Andrea has extensive experience with the Clean Water Act and the Drinking Water Source (read more)Protection Program through her former role with the Trent Conservation Coalition source protection region. She conducts ecological assessments and impact studies, natural heritage evaluations, species at risk assessments, fisheries and aquatic studies, and Drinking Water Source Protection implementation projects. Andrea is experienced with the legislative and permitting framework for working in and around watercourses, fish habitat, and wetlands.

Bob Payne

Bob Payne CWBIII

Bob’s area of expertise and experience is in building structures and envelope science. He has been a Manager of both Contract Administration and Construction Engineering Departments delivering building and municipal projects from design development, construction to project closeout. Mr. Payne has fulfilled the roles of consultant, stakeholder and contractor for varied types of projects which has provided him with diverse skill sets and a solid understanding of (read more)management techniques. He utilizes his strong technical understanding and organizational skills to bring about successful resolutions of a broad range of civil engineering and management issues. Certified to CSA W178 as a level 3 Welding Inspector, Mr. Payne provides quality procedures for certified staff and oversees their implementation as a quality function. He brings to every project his sound knowledge of engineering design, construction, and project management..

Brian Peterkin

Brian Peterkin M.Eng., P. Geo.

Brian is a licensed Professional Geologist with over 15 years of experience in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Coming from a background in oil and gas, he has acquired years of well planning, drilling and project management experience. Brian is part of the geotechnical team at Cambium, tasked with conducting subsurface investigations in order to provide geotechnical parameters for various structures including buildings, retaining walls, culverts, (read more)headwalls, infrastructure and roadways. Brian’s knowledge base spills over into the fields of hydrogeology, environmental engineering, and coastal & river engineering. More recently, he has completed an M.Eng. in Civil Engineering at Queen’s University, with a focus on geotechnical and environmental engineering.

Stephanie Reeder

Stephanie Reeder P.Geo., C.E.T.

Stephanie’s area of expertise is hydrogeology with a large focus on waste management (landfills). She is responsible for managing hydrogeological assessments and modelling studies for various projects including contaminated sites, water/wastewater servicing, and waste disposal sites. With experience conducting over sixty annual monitoring programs, Stephanie works closely with municipalities and industrial clients to meet regulatory requirements often required by site (read more)Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA). In addition to hydrogeological studies, she also works closely with municipalities to provide waste management solutions including updates to site design and operations, expansion options (Small Expansions, Environmental Screening, Individual Environmental Assessments), and closures to name a few.

As one of the original staff members of Cambium’s team, Stephanie has a diverse project portfolio ranging from field work, drafting, detailed design, and includes project management of environmental site assessments, occupational hygiene, and hydrogeological modelling studies. She also manages the Cambium’s surveying projects - servicing, utilities, topographical, site survey, volume and capacity, etc

Brad Sawdon

Brad Sawdon P.Geo., EP.

Brad has worked throughout Ontario and various provinces throughout the country. He is an expert in Phase I and II environmental site assessments (ESA’s) and has worked with a variety of clients, including oil and gas companies, cities and townships, conservation authorities and private businesses. Brad is a Qualified Person (QPESA) for Environmental Site Assessments under the Environmental Protection Act. His oil and gas sector experience in particular, has given Brad a substantial background in petroleum impact related delineation, assessment, and (read more)remediation procedures. He has completed hundreds of Environmental Site Assessments on Brownfield sites, existing commercial and industrial properties, and vacant lands, proposed for industrial and commercial development.

Brad is also an Environmental Professional (EP), specializing in Air Quality, with the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB). He has a diverse background in air quality, completing outdoor ambient air monitoring, stack testing, and indoor air quality assessments

Bernie Taylor

Bernie Taylor P.Eng.

Bernie’s professional experience includes over 9 years in the environmental field.  During this time, he’s developed solid expertise conducting environmental site assessments (ESA), contaminated site remediation, drinking water treatment evaluations, and Certificate of Approval applications for water, biosolid spreading and landfill operations.  Bernie is a registered Qualified Professional for Phase I and Phase II ESA’s under the Environmental (read more)Protection Act, and has successfully filed numerous Record of Site Conditions (RSC) with the Ministry of the Environment. In addition to environmental work, he has provided contract administration and supervision for road rehabilitation construction projects. His clients to date include municipalities, developers, and companies from the mining, waste management and aggregate sectors.

Erick Thurston

Erick Thurston P.Eng.

Eric brings to the Cambium experience in both engineering consulting and aggregate production and holds Bachelors of Applied Science, Mining Engineering degree from Queen’s University. He has extensive experience with large civil projects, geological modeling, mining regulatory oversight, aggregate production and construction monitoring. Erick’s area of expertise is geotechnical engineering involving project execution, drillhole databases, slope stability modeling,(read more) tailings dam design and aggregate production processes. He is responsible for supervising field operations and performing senior inspections of geotechnical and construction monitoring projects.

Jennifer Wales

Jennifer Wales P.Eng.

For the past 20 years, Jen has developed a wide range of expertise within Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering and Transportation Planning. Most recently, her expertise is focused in the geotechnical field, supervising field investigations and developing geotechnical parameters for various structures including buildings, retaining wall, culverts, infrastructure, roadways, and solar and wind farm facilities. That expertise has also spilled over into environmental site assessments. She has many years of experience in the transportation (read more)planning field as well, with the ability to provide an engineering perspective to some of the planning projects undertaken by Cambium.

Jeremy Prahl

Jeremy Prahl B.Sc., EP, Can-CISEC

Jeremy is an Ecologist with over 10 years of applied professional experience relating to the design, implementation and communication of environmental studies in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. He is a certified Environmental Professional with specializations in Fisheries and Wildlife, and Water Quality as well as a Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control in Canada. He also specializes in developing innovative GIS resources that inform technical work and add value to (read more)project deliverables. Jeremy’s area of expertise is in aquatics and he has extensive project experience with aquatic community sampling, wildlife surveys, habitat assessments, fish and wildlife salvage operations, stream restoration, construction monitoring, and water/sediment quality studies. At Cambium, he is responsible for managing projects like Environmental Impact Statements, Natural Heritage Evaluations, Species at Risk Assessments, Due Diligence Studies, Compliance Reviews and Ecological Monitoring Programs.

Jeremy liaises with and secures permits/approvals from regulatory agencies (MNRF, DFO, Conservation Authorities, NEC), manages field investigations, and completed geospatial data analysis and engineering design review, as well as technical reporting

Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson BSc.E. Hon. E.I.T.

Kyle’s expertise is geotechnical engineering in addition to construction inspection and testing. He is an Engineer in Training and has diverse experience with both geotechnical and environmental field investigations, including soil and groundwater sampling, drilling operations, and monitoring well installation. With his skillset, Kyle has also been involved in environmental site assessments, remediation, and environmental sampling in general.
As well, Kyle performs senior site inspections for subgrade suitability and bearing capacity while also being CCIL certified in concrete and also to perform (read more)compaction testing. He has also been very involved in construction testing and inspection services for subgrade inspections, footing inspections, slope stability reviews, compaction, concrete, etc.

Kevin Warner

Kevin Warner P.Geo (Ltd.)

Kevin’s specialty is water. For over 16 years he has practiced as a hydrogeologist in the environmental consulting field. In that time, he’s managed and directed numerous hydrogeological assessments and impact studies in commercial, industrial and residential applications. He has also led geological investigations to quantify and qualify aggregate resource deposits, as well as hydrogeological assessments for Aggregate Resource Act (ARA) Licences. His work has also afforded him the opportunity to complete technical peer reviews, (read more)to present at numerous public meetings, and to appear as an expert witness before the Ontario Municipal Board.

Nick Young

Nick Young M.Eng., P.Geo.

Nick is a licensed Professional Geoscientist and a Qualified Person for Environmental Site Assessment and Risk Assessment (QPESA/RA) under Ontario Regulation 153/04. He has over 25 years of experience in environmental site assessment, site remediation, risk assessment, and risk management measures, and provides environmental risk management strategies for brownfield properties and ongoing management of industrial/commercial and municipal properties in assessment, remediation, and risk management at contaminated (read more)sites. Nick’s expertise extends to hydrogeological investigations, Environmental Compliance Approvals, and excess soil management.

Ernie Silhanek

Ernie Silhanek F&W Tech. Dipl.

Ernie is a terrestrial and wetland biologist with over 35 years’ experience and expertise in ecosystems, resources management, Species at Risk (SAR), regulations and legislative knowledge, official plans and provincial policies related to the environmental field. He is a certified wetland evaluator under the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System for Southern Ontario (OWES) and has extensive experience in conducting vegetation inventories using the Southern Ontario (read more)Ecological Land Classification (ELC) system and Forest Ecosystem Classification (FEC) system. Ernie has extensive experience conducting biological inventories including identification of flora and fauna of Ontario (specializing in Lichens), Species at Risk, fungi, birds, mammals, herptiles, fish, terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, wildlife habitat enhancement techniques and restoration.

Brian Shipp

Brian Shipp B.A., Dipl.

Brian has over seven years of experience in the environmental consulting industry. He has a broad range of project experience ranging from the Port Hope low-level radioactive waste clean-up project, wildlife management/monitoring, contaminated sites, to coordinating large community planting events. Brian’s expertise is in the design and implementation of environmental investigations, delineation and remediation of contaminated sites, (read more)large scale restoration projects and projects with low-level historical radioactive waste. His experience includes Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments), data analysis and interpretation, and developing solutions to various problems associated with environmental issues

Trevor Copeland

Trevor Copeland P.Eng.

Trevor's area of specialty lies in acoustic, noise and vibration control engineering, and he has additional experience in air emissions estimates and modelling. He has extensive experience with this work for environmental compliance approval purposes for a wide variety of industries and sectors. In addition, he is a Licensed Toxic Substance Reduction Planners, certified by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) formerly the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to prepare, review, and certify Toxic Reduction Plans as per Ontario Regulation 455/09. Another aspect of Trevor’s work includes noise and vibration impact studies (read more)of transportation noise sources, such as road and rail traffic, on residential developments, as well as monitoring and assessment of construction vibration impacts.
Relating to the indoor environment, Trevor is experienced in mechanical and architectural noise control design for new building constructions and acoustic issues in existing constructions (troubleshooting, testing, and design) for residential and commercial projects - such as medical offices, hotels, educational and government facilities

Kevin Damsbaek

Kevin Damsbaek P.Eng.

Kevin has developed extensive experience completing Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), as well as the filing of Records of Site Condition with the Ministry of the Environment under O.Reg. 153/04. Kevin is a Qualified Person for ESAs under the Environmental Protection Act, and has successfully completed Record of Site Conditions accepted by the MECP for a number of projects with varying complexity, including the required framework for completion of Risk Assessments. Kevin’s portfolio includes the completion of hundreds of ESAs across Canada, including (read more)field investigations related to Phase I ESAs, soil and groundwater investigations, and contaminated site remediation.

Stew Dolstra

Stew Dolstra Hons. B.Sc. Dipl.

Stew specializes in water and wastewater, specifically, drinking water systems and on-site wastewater treatment systems. He maintains Regulatory and Ontario Building Code accreditation which has allowed him to successfully provide water and wastewater solutions tailored to site specific challenges for projects ranging from small residential to large communal and commercial systems. His experience includes drinking water treatment system and on-site wastewater treatment system design, operations guidance, (read more)operational checks and compliance monitoring, licence and permit applications, water and wastewater system evaluation inspections, and Environmental Compliance Approval applications. Stew has been involved with a variety of Cambium projects since 2009 and has developed a wide variety of environmental consulting experience.

Chris Moose

Chris Moose EP

Chris has developed expertise in conducting environmental site assessments (ESA), designated substance surveys, asbestos surveys, indoor air quality, and mould assessments. Chris also has extensive experience in project management, preparing abatement and remediation specifications, construction schedules, contract documents, and tenders. He leads our hazardous materials work, in addition to working with the team on environmental site assessment projects.

Jon VanNorman

Jon VanNorman

Bio coming soon.