Place Based Economic Development

Place Based Economic Development

Our place-based community & economic development services are progressive planning strategies that build on the existing strengths of an area to make economic progress and built resilient neighbourhoods and towns. Our approaches build on existing assets to facilitate economic growth and community well-being. This type of planning enhances the community’s sense of place and promotes successful highly livable futures for our clients.

Cambium’s Registered Professional Planners specialize in place-base economic development consulting and work with municipalities – CEOs, councillors, economic development agencies – non-profit groups and businesses.

Our team will help you with locally focused strategies for economic development that are supported by placemaking. As leading industry professionals, we strongly believe in the importance of progressively aligning the activities of planning and economic development in this way and see the success it brings.

Our team will also explore options to support municipalities in placemaking initiatives by reviewing and revising local land use planning regulations and official plans to help simplify and streamline approval processes.

Our place-based economic consulting includes:

  • Asset Based Community Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Municipal Lands Strategies and Design
  • Development/Planning Efficiency Solutions
  • Creative Use of Planning Tools (i.e. Development Permit System)
  • Workshops and Training seminars

Workshops and Training Seminars

Robert Voigt is a respected designer and innovative urban planner, and leads our teams in developing training and tools specific to our clients’ needs. Working together we build partnerships, processes, action plans and community support needed for your initiatives. Such as our training sessions which focus on implementable and context specific actions for placemaking, economic development, asset based community development and effective streamline of planned and development review processes.