Project Profile: Gibbard District

Nov 8, 2021

The Gibbard Furniture Factory, founded in 1835 in Napanee, is an iconic landmark for the town. Doornekamp Construction and Studio JCI are transforming the building into a highly anticipated waterfront community.

We are delighted to be assisting Doornekamp Construction to do their best work on this project. Our Geotechnical and Construction Quality Verification services will guide informed decisions throughout the redevelopment to produce benefits and pride for all stakeholders.

This revitalized space will incorporate the historical charm of the original storefront and mill while also becoming a modern and vibrant hub for the Napanee community with residential and commercial retail space.

Construction inspections identify and minimize deficiency risks through the stages of design development, construction, and project completion.  Our qualified professionals understand the value of construction momentum, offering timely feedback and guidance to maintain project quality and pacing. 

Cambium’s Tarion Field Reviewers pay close attention to detail and understand the complexity of construction techniques and materials. Our team is well versed in the administration and documentation process for large construction projects like the Gibbard District. 

Gibbard’s District has also incorporated several environmentally-friendly features, such as large green spaces and garden areas. They have focused on utilizing re-used materials and are working with geothermal and hydroelectric energy throughout the building.

To learn more about this exciting development, visit https://gibbarddistrict.ca/.



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