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Breakwater Investigation

Client: City of Kingston

Just west of the downtown core, Kingston Ontario’s shoreline houses a breakwater that the city plans to redesign to include an accessible pedestrian-friendly promenade. The original breakwater, constructed in the late 1980s, consists of sand, rock, and is capped with granite.  

Cambium was sub-contracted by Kehoe Marine to perform key geotechnical components that informed the foundational design and structure of the promenade:

  • Rock Probing: Cambium and Kehoe Marine determined the depth of rock along the breakwater and composition of the structure. A tube pile was advanced to refusal using a vibratory hammer throughout the shoreline of the breakwater. Result generated by this process helped the architects confirm the design for the promenade and determine the necessary length of piles for construction.
  • Pile Testing: Cambium provided visual oversight of a pile testing program for sheet pile, tube pile, and an I-beam for two purposes: to determine how each pile preforms during advancement of the pile and to establish the refusal requirements for the design and construction.
  • Geotechnical Investigation: Cambium determined the soil and bedrock parameters that would ultimately be incorporated into the design of the foundations for the promenade.

Cambium’s geotechnical expertise and ability to collaborate with the client and contractors helped to ensure this portion of the project was completed on time and on budget.

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