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Cottage Resort Wastewater System Design

Cambium Inc. completed a Wastewater System Design for an expansion of a cottage resort in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. The Site is approximately 5.7 hectares in size and fronts onto Pigeon Lake, consisting of 14 rental cottages serviced by an existing communal wastewater system with a rated capacity of 11,275 litres per day.

The expansion involved an additional 14 cottages and one commercial centre consisting of two (2) multi-service rooms, a restaurant, and fourteen motel rooms.  An on-site wastewater treatment system with an estimated daily design flow of 38,000 Litres per day was designed to service the expansion.

This project consisted of completing a subsurface investigation to assess the native soil types, groundwater conditions, and depth to bedrock. Following an assessment of the soil investigation, conceptual wastewater treatment design options were prepared and reviewed with the owner which included conventional and advanced treatment system designs covering specific criteria (overall cost estimate, size constraints at the Site, sensitive receivers (down-gradient lake), etc.).

A detailed design using Advanced Treatment and a Type A Area Bed was completed. This system would treat sewage generated from the expansion to Level IV criteria outlined in Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code as well as total phosphorus treatment within the treatment system due to the sensitive down-gradient surface water receiver. This information was used to apply for and successfully receive an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA).

The Advanced Treatment System and Type A Area Bed was installed with Cambium completing several milestone inspections throughout the installation process. The wastewater treatment system is now operational with Cambium completing the required sampling, reporting, and compliance requirements which are outlined in the ECA.

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