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Environmental Compliance Approval Applications (Air and Noise)

Client: SGS Canada Inc

SGS Canada Inc. is Canada’s leading technical service provider for conducting precise and accurate analytical testing across numerous industries. Cambium has worked with several of their locations across Ontario to achieve and maintain compliance with pertinent Ontario Regulations associated with air and noise emissions from the sites. 

Cambium has worked with SGS to complete applications for Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) and Limited Operational Flexibility Environmental Compliance Approvals (LOFECA) where necessary.  The detailed applications often have involved the consolidation of several existing Environmental Compliance Approvals as well as the classification of new, updated or potentially relocated/altered sources of air or noise. It has been necessary to regard the future use of each of the sites as a whole and investigate the operational restrictions that may have the potential to limit the facility over time.

Sources of air and/or noise emissions that have been required to be classified include a wide variety of equipment and process activities comprised of a multitude of exhaust stacks and fans, air makeup units, combustion equipment, crushers, pumps, heating and cooling units, pilot plant operations, mobile equipment, and various air and noise pollution control devices.  Many sites have also required the additional assessment that is necessary to determine how the facility may impact a receptor of air emissions located within the same building (i.e. same source contamination modelling). 

Cambium will strive to continue to provide services for years to come to ensure that the SGS sites we work closely on are continually working on achieving compliance with performance requirements in accordance with the conditions as outlined in the ECA as well as with the applicable air and noise regulations as they develop over time.

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