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Environmental Impact Study and Species at Risk Assessment

Client: Cambium Indigenous Professional Services and Curve Lake First Nation

Cambium was retained to complete an Environmental Impact Study and Species at Risk Assessment for two tracts of land proposed for residential development, within Curve Lake First Nation. The work completed by Cambium included:

  • Wetland and watercourse delineation
  • Vegetation classification
  • Breeding bird surveys
  • Amphibian surveys
  • Bat maternity roost habitat surveys
  • Identification and evaluation of significant wildlife habitat
  • Targeted species at risk surveys for several birds, reptiles, and plants

Following the completion of multi-seasonal field studies, Cambium compiled the collected information into a comprehensive report to guide the residential development process. The report included a graphical representation of environmental constraint areas and associated development setbacks to meet regulatory requirements and standard best management practices for the development of natural areas. A thorough justification of recommendations was delivered to provide certainty to the Client in applying the recommended constraints. In addition to providing a standard assessment of impacts to ecology and species at risk, Cambium included recommendations for preserving and/or enhancing the occurrence of traditionally used materials for use by the community.

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