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Environmental Services for Industrial Development

Client: Pellet Manufacturer

Cambium was retained to provide environmental management services to facilitate the development of a new industrial facility in a rural setting.  The services provided included:

  • Environmental Site Assessment,
  • Waste Water Treatment System Inspection,
  • Geotechnical Study,
  • Surface Water Management Plan,
  • Fire Suppression Supply,
  • Heritage and Species at Risk Evaluation,
  • Certificate of Approval application for Air and Noise including an Emission Summary and Dispersion Monitoring Report and an Acoustical Assessment of the proposed facility.
  • Hydrogeological Assessment including adjacent residential survey and groundwater characterization

Our client had to overcome an extensive scope of environmental aspects in order to be rezoned, provided with a building permit as well as operate within the conditions of the Environmental Protection Act.  Cambium worked closely with the client to ensure the regulatory authorities such as the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation Authority and the Municipality were satisfied that the development was not going to negatively affect the community.

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