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Trail Plan and Strategy to Support Active Transportation

Client: Township of Essa

Cambium was retained by the Town of Essa to develop a Trails Master Plan and Strategy to Support Active Transportation. Our information gathering process included on-site walking audits, interactive workshops, community workshops and online social engagement. The intent of the Plan was to provide the Township practical solutions geared to active transportation and healthy community design.

We specifically structured the plan as a series of distinct projects designed to advance both the near and long-term goals and needs in the community. Overall the Plan focused on:

  1. Community building;
  2. Neighbourhood scale improvements;
  3. Walkability and bikeabilty;
  4. Human-centered design; and,
  5. Practicality of implementation.

The projects in the Plan relate to the planning for, and development of, trail and active transportation facilities and an active transportation supportive culture. We specifically integrated unique methods for engaging and mobilizing citizens to help with implementation of the Plan; making it easier and less costly to complete for the municipality.

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