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London Street Generation Station Dam Expansion

Client: Peterborough Utilities Inc.

Peterborough Utilities Inc. is expanding the capacity of the existing London Street Generating Station by constructing a new 6MW generating station adjacent to the existing one. Cambium represented PUI onsite by providing inspection services for civil construction and bulk materials tests during temporary construction work and permanent project work. Services during the construction phase included onsite inspection and laboratory tests for:

  • Subgrade Inspections (soil and rock)
  • Concrete Testing, including continuous temperature monitoring
  • Grout Curtain Inspections and Testing
  • Sheet Pile Installation monitoring
  • Reinforced Steel Inspections
  • Compaction Testing
  • Turbidity Monitoring
  • Engineering Review

In addition to Cambium’s testing and inspection services, we were retained to complete two environmental monitoring programs. A vibration study was completed prior to the sheet pile installation, involving a Zone of Influence Study which was completed to outline the vibration predictions and a vibration model for the sheet pile driving expected for the site.

The study was requested based on concerns regarding the impacts to potentially impacted structures, including the historic generating station building. Cambium also completed an inventory of avian nesting activity and structures on the island east of and adjacent to the London Street Generating Station in order to document the occurrence of avian nesting to determine the appropriate timing for tree removal on the island, in preparation for the expansion of the generating station.

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