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Multi-Service Project for TVM Group

Client: TVM Group

Cambium continues to work on a multi-service project for TVM Group’s East City Condos project (Peterborough). TVM Group is a leading condominium developer for small and medium sized markets in Southern Ontario. The nine-storey condominium in East City houses a mix of commercial space and townhouse style condos on the ground floor with traditional condo units above.

Cambium was responsible for overseeing the Geotechnical, Construction Testing & Inspection (CT&I) and the Tarion Field Review Consulting.

  1. Geotechnical Services: The new build is located on a hill, with views overlooking Little Lake, Peterborough. Prior to construction, Cambium conducted a comprehensive geotechnical investigation, determining the soil and groundwater conditions at the site to inform the design and structure for the condominium, which was also to have two levels of underground parking.
    1. Soil Composition: This involved sampling soil at depth to understand soils, which were dominantly glacial till. Bearing capacities were established for the soils at the required depth and recommendations for several foundation options were provided, including conventional strip and spread footings, a raft/mat foundation, steel H-piles, and drilled shaft caissons.
    2. Groundwater Conditions: Understanding the groundwater conditions at this site was vital to both the construction phase and post-construction water management. Cambium’s investigation determined the water table’s depth and fluctuations, allowing for recommendations of dewatering during construction, water proofing and subdrainage for the design team.

2. Construction Testing & Inspection (CT&I): Cambium’s professionals closely monitored and assessed rebar and concrete pours, ensuring the structural integrity of the building.

 Rebar, short for “reinforcing bar,” is a critical component in the construction of reinforced concrete. It is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires that is embedded within concrete to provide strength, support, and reinforcement. Cambium’s oversight helped prevent any potential issues that could arise during these crucial stages of construction.

Cambium also conducted a comprehensive concrete condition review. This detailed assessment allowed for the identification of any deficiencies early in the construction process, saving both time and money for the project while ensuring structural integrity and safety of the finished construction. One of Cambium’s strengths was their ability to conduct inspections while the contractor was still on-site. This real-time monitoring enabled them to provide a list of deficiencies promptly, allowing for immediate corrective action.

3. Tarion Field Review: Cambium consulted on the Tarion Field Review, a part of the regulatory framework in Ontario that aims to protect the rights and interests of new homebuyers and ensure that newly constructed homes or condominiums meet established quality standards.

In this scenario, Tarion Field Review Consulting encompassed below-grade waterproofing, structure reviews, roofing assessments, masonry/veneer inspections, window inspections (including insulation reviews, air leakage and water penetration testing), balcony guardrail testing, fire stopping, and fireproofing—activities essential for ensuring the safety and quality of the building and fulfilling Tarion’s Registrar Bulletin 19 guideline.


Like many of Cambium’s projects, Cambium provides clients with a single point of contact to simplify project management. Amit J. Sofer, Founder & President of the TVM Group of Companies, says “From the very beginning, our team committed itself to pioneering the East City Condo project, setting a new standard for luxury and quality in the Peterborough real estate market.

Undoubtedly, a venture of this magnitude, emphasizing an unparalleled devotion to craftsmanship and excellence, demands the concerted efforts, dedication, and expertise of a diverse array of tradespeople, companies, and individuals. At TVM, we count ourselves fortunate to collaborate with esteemed local entities such as Cambium, whose expertise and unwavering dedication to quality are instrumental in realizing ambitious projects like East City Condos.”

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