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Public School Wastewater System Design

Cambium completed a Wastewater System Design for an Uxbridge Ontario Public School within the Durham District School Board.

The wastewater system design was for a proposed upgrade to an existing on-site sewage system to service a new daycare at the Public School. The existing wastewater system was nearing the end of its service life and needed to be replaced. The site investigation included: drilling to assess the native soil and depth to groundwater, a test pitting program within the existing and proposed wastewater system vicinity to assess the native soil and to determine if any shallow groundwater or bedrock was present.

Additionally, groundwater sampling and a topographic survey took place. New septic tanks, a pump tank, an advanced treatment system, and effluent disposal in a Type A Area Bed were designed for the new wastewater system. This information was used to apply for and successfully receive an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). The Advanced Treatment System and Type A Area Bed was installed following the completion of tender drawings prepared by Cambium as well as several inspections completed throughout the installation process.

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