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Tarion Field Review Consulting for Habitat for Humanity

Client: Habitat for Humanity

To create affordable living opportunities in Peterborough, Ontario, Habitat for Humanity is in the process of building the second of two affordable condominiums.

The project, the first of its kind for Habitat for Humanity in Canada, completed Phase 1, a 41-unit condominium in 2022. The units consist of one-, two- and three-bedroom options, which were designed to be energy-efficient, easily accessible, and affordable, catering to families with diverse income levels and family size. The organization is currently building another 12-unit condominium (Phase 2). In 2023, Habitat for Humanity broke ground on Phase 2, located across from the original building.

Cambium, involved in both phases of the project, was retained to simplify the development process with integrated services ranging from a geotechnical investigation, excess soils management and Tarion Field Review Consulting.

In Ontario, developers constructing new condominiums are required to engage an independent Field Review Consultant (FRC) to ensure construction quality as per the Tarion Registrar Bulletin 19 (RB19). Cambium, as an FRC, possesses a comprehensive understanding of construction materials and techniques that helped Habitat for Humanity ensure construction was up to industry standards.

Beyond meeting the Tarion RB19 program requirements, Cambium’s team provided additional services such as qualified material testing and inspections during construction, including concrete testing and sampling, asphalt compaction and sampling, and granular compaction.  The consultancy on the Tarion Field Review ultimately ensures Habitat for Humanity’s two condominiums comply with the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and manufacturer installation guidelines, as well as meet project specifications. 

In addition to the quality of work and communication, Cambium simplified both project phases by providing integrated services and a single point of contact across multiple service lines. Construction Director Kylee McGrath says “Cambium as FRC has been an invaluable resource to the construction team during our Phase 1 and 2 builds at Leahy’s Lane. There can never be too many trained eyes on a large building during construction, and the knowledge and depth of experience Cambium brings to the team has benefited both Habitat for Humanity PKR as a developer, and also has benefited our homeowners that are ensured an excellent end product. I look forward to working with Cambium on future projects together.”

(Habitat for Humanity | Peterborough & Kawartha Region (habitatpeterborough.ca)

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