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Trenton Dam

Client: Ontario Clean Water Agency

The Trent-Severn Waterway (TSW) construction projects at Trenton Dam 1 and Glen Miller Dam 3 are part of the Government of Canada’s Federal Infrastructure Investment program.

These dams have a great significance to Ontario’s heritage and tourism. This part of the historic Trent- Severn Waterway is the beginning of the canal system, connecting the playgrounds of Lake Ontario and Lake Huron. The canals and locks span 386 km in the Trent, Rice Lake, Scugog, Kawartha, Simcoe and Severn Regions.

Since 2019, our Environmental Team has been providing various environmental monitoring services at Trenton Dam 1 and Glen Miller Dam 3 throughout the multi-year projects. At the outset, Cambium developed the project Environmental Management Plan, as well as an Aquatic Species at Risk Assessment; both integral to retaining a Heritage Canal Permit. Building on our experience from over 30 Trent-Severn Waterway projects, Cambium worked with the client to customize a suite of services that gave confidence to all stakeholders that protection of the natural environment was integral to the construction activity.

Over the past few weeks, our staff have monitored and directed activity for compliance with federal and provincial guidelines to mitigate impact to the natural and built areas surrounding the waterway.

These infrastructure replacement projects required the construction of upstream and downstream cofferdams, demolition of the existing dams, and construction of new dams. Trenton Dam 1 and Glen Miller Dam 3 are expected to be completed this fall.

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