In-situ Chlorinated Solvent Remediation

Client: City of Quinte West
Date: 1991 to Present

Over the past ten (10) years, annual groundwater monitoring has indicated that a groundwater plume containing dissolved volatile organic compounds is migrating south-easterly from the Site and extends to the Bay of Quinte. Cambium was retained to provide an in-situ remediation of chlorinated solvents related to a historical industrial site. The approach was a combination of a series of remedial substrate injections (generally focused on bio-augmentation) in combination with groundwater collection and treatment. The groundwater treatment trailer installed in 2007 continues to treat impacted groundwater through bag filtration, air stripping, and activated carbon technologies. Injections of hydrogen releasing compounds (HRC), Emulsified Oil Substrate, and diffused hydrogen have been completed to increase the concentrations of the bacteria which biodegrade chlorinated solvents (Dehalococcoides). Part of the project is to measure the remedial effectiveness of various hydrogen releasing substrates on the solvent plume.

Since the program commenced remedial effectiveness monitoring has determined that parent compounds (Perchloroethylene and Trichloroethylene) have decreased by orders of magnitude at monitoring locations.  The water quality at the site has now met the applicable site standards and only minor on-going monitoring is required at this time.