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Reserve Fund Studies

Reserve Fund Studies

A Reserve Fund Study (RFS) is a long-term capital planning tool to develop funding plans for condominiums as well as other non-profit organizations (e.g. co-operatives, life-lease communities, private institutions, etc.). The RFS consists of a physical review and inventory of all major building systems, their present condition, and recommendations and opinions of cost for repair and replacement. The financial analysis determines the reserve fund contributions needed to keep a positive balance.

In Ontario, RFS requirements are governed by the Condominium Act and its regulations. Condominiums must complete a comprehensive RFS followed by updates with and without a site visit alternating no more than every 3 years.

Cambium staff take pride in and enjoy working with the Board of Directors and Property Management to clearly communicate repair and replacement strategies, aligning with the Board’s vision for the Corporation, and developing a funding plan that balances the needs of both current and future owners.

For more information and/or to obtain a proposal for services, contact:

Jeremy Taylor, P.Eng.
Manager, Building Science