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Building Envelope Inspection

Structures and Building Envelope: Assessments, Specification and Tender, and Restoration

Component Condition Assessments

A component condition assessment is focused on one or more (problematic) building components. In some cases, prior maintenance-type repairs or initial investigations have not been able to address the issue, so a more in-depth level of review is required. Alternatively, a proactive approach can identify problems before they escalate.

The scope of each assignment is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the client, the building, and current performance. Condition assessments can be scaled up or down, and typically combine visual review with access (i.e., ladder, scaffolding, elevated lift platform, suspended stage), sample openings (e.g, roof test cuts, local cladding removals, interior drywall openings, etc.), and/or other forms of inspection and testing (e.g., chain drag and hammer tap, binocular survey, infrared thermography, etc.).


  • A balcony condition assessment helps to understand deterioration mechanisms, better define the extent of deterioration, and provide strategies for repair and replacement. It typically encompasses the balcony slabs, guardrails and divider panels (if applicable), but is also related to adjacent interfaces such as exterior cladding and balcony doors.
  • A wall condition assessment supports immediate needs (e.g., identifying safety risks such as loose brick or concrete falling onto areas below, interior leakage problems) as well as long-term options for renewal.
  • A roof condition assessment may be needed to understand leakage paths and deterioration mechanisms, roof assemblies, develop a list of deficiencies for immediate repairs, and provide strategies for repair, restoration, and/or replacement.

The Cambium team works to develop realistic solutions, align recommendations with expectations, and meet the needs of building owners and managers.

Design: Specification, and Tender

The design phase takes an identified problem and recommended strategy to the next level. A specification package allows for contractors to put tender pricing on the scope of work so that the client can get competitive pricing. This is far more involved than simply “getting three quotes.”

Discussing performance criteria needs to be considered early in the process. What do you want the final product to look like? What performance characteristics (e.g., thermal, reflectivity, acoustic, etc.) does it need to have? What sort of maintenance will it need? How long will it last?

From establishing performance criteria to completing and issuing the specification package, reviewing bids, and providing recommendations, Cambium can assist you in meeting your needs.

Construction Review and Contract Administration

Building restoration projects are often large capital investments, but also use many other resources such as materials, staff and time. Doing it right the first time is critical to efficiently using those resources. We apply effective project management, schedule monitoring and control, and timely site reviews and progress payment review to ensure compliance with the contract documents and applicable regulations. Why wouldn’t you protect your investment and use Cambium’s construction expertise?

For more information and/or to obtain a proposal for services, contact:
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