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Tarion Certified Field Review Consultant

Tarion Field Review Consulting

To provide quality and oversight of new homes being constructed in Ontario, developers are required to engage an independent Field Review Consultant (FRC) as described by Tarion’s document, Registrar Bulletin 19 (formerly Builder Bulletin 19). The FRC is required to complete site reviews at regular intervals, identify construction defects and track their status/resolution, test components (or arrange for testing), and compile the sign-offs from the design team. The results are communicated via milestone and final reports.

Cambium’s FRC inspectors pay close attention to detail and understand the complexity of construction materials and techniques. Our qualified professionals have a thorough understanding of RB19 and are well versed in the administration and reporting program. To complement the program requirements, Cambium’s team can also provide qualified material testing and inspection of all construction components.

In addition to fulfilling the RB19 program requirements, Cambium approaches the FRC role as a partner with the design and construction team, acting as field reviewers, advisors, and administrators.

The typical scope of work includes:
· Tarion RB19 Scope of Work submission
· Compile and approve design certificates from consultants
· Construction Reports every 60 days once construction commences (e.g., breaking ground)
· Milestone reports and summaries of deficiencies to be corrected
· Final review
· Final report

Cambium works proactively with developers, builders, architects and engineers. Our FRC inspectors work closely with the construction team to identify deficiencies or abnormal conditions. Deficiencies are clearly identified and documented and their status is tracked live for resolution tracking. We know that minimizing warranty claims is of paramount importance so that builders and developers can complete their projects in a timely and efficient manner and move on to the next exciting project.

For more information and/or to obtain a proposal for services, contact:

    Jeremy Taylor, P.Eng.
    Manager, Building Science

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