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Building Envelope Inspection

Building Envelope Inspection

Building science considers the interactions between building construction (envelope) and the surrounding environment – both inside and out. Cambium’s team of building science experts will provide the technical support required to ensure the delivery of an envelope system that is functional and meets the client’s needs.  We carry out audits and failure analysis reviews, providing an accurate asset condition survey for risk and cost planning, and we provide practical solutions to performance and deterioration issues.

Our core services include:

  • New construction quality assurance envelope inspections
  • Existing asset condition reviews
  • Failure analysis investigations
  • Window and curtain wall inspections
  • Air barrier, rain screen and cladding inspections
  • Roofing reviews

New Building Envelope Inspection

  • Onsite Inspections of air barrier, rain screen, cladding, window and curtain cladding
  • Manufacturer trained technicians and inspectors

Roofing Systems

  • Roofing inspections
  • Roof condition surveys
  • Roof anchor testing

Energy Audits & Efficiency

Cambium has a team of expert consultants who work with clients to help meet the increasing demands to reduce energy consumption and lessen the associated cost and impacts on the environment. Our energy efficiency auditing services aid in the understanding of the current practices within the facility and work to reduce the overall utilization of energy.

Various sophisticated devices, meters and sensors are used to characterize energy consumption and determine areas of potential implementation of more efficient practices.

Understand your practices

  • Determination of benchmark.
  • Areas of high consumption.
  • Insulation.
  • Lighting.
  • Power factor correction.
  • Combustion and boiler efficiency.
  • Compressed air.

Cambium’s dedicated, professional and experienced staff focus on assisting companies in the development of energy management plans based on the patterns of energy use.  A comprehensive assessment will recognize potential areas of concern and provide recommendations that result in monetary savings as well as a reduction in the environmental impact.

High payback period

  • Calculation of various scenarios to best suit the client’s needs.
  • Relevant grants and incentives.
  • Recover cost of service with savings from energy reduction.

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