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Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments (PCA)/Building Condition Assessments (BCA) are often undertaken simultaneously with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the purposes of a real estate or finance transactions. Cambium’s PCA professionals conducted assessments in accordance with ASTM E-2018 ‘Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process’ (ASTM). Our team of qualified assessors provide reliable assessments and identify major building deficiencies for private, public, lenders and investors to know the condition of a property and to support confident business decisions relating to real estate investments.

What is a Property Condition Assessment and why is it important?

Unlike a routine house inspection, Property Condition Assessments also referred to as Commercial Property and Building Inspections are a more complex and detailed investigation to ensure a thorough due diligence review. A PCA is an investigation of a property to identity deficiencies and can identify associated costs for current and future capital maintenance and repair if requested. It helps property owners identify major issues with the site, determine budgets and support financing requests from financial institutions.

What is included in a PCA?

Cambium’s approach to PCA follows the latest ASTM E2018 standards and includes a background review of all available documents and drawings, interviews with people most knowledgeable about the site, and a visual walk-through and survey of the property. Our assessors review and evaluate the major elements of the physical property which includes:

  • General Site Conditions
  • Building Evaluation (Foundation, Structure, Roof, Building Envelope, and Interior Finishes)
  • Building Systems (HVAC Systems, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)
  • Site improvements (Pavement, Drainage, Signage, Lighting,)

Cambium documents and photographs all aspects of the elements reviewed and compiles a summarized Property Condition Report (PCR) of our findings.

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