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Community Development

Community Development

Community development and sustainable choices are a strong component of Cambium’s culture. Our desire to guide decisions based on sustainable practices and new technologies is a large element in how we approach projects. The design and development of communities can have a large carbon footprint and lasting impact. Cambium’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions that support/restore community development initiatives for a better and greener future.

Our team works together with clients to achieve their environmental goals and create strong and healthy communities. Some of our key community development services include:

  • Brownfield Development: Cambium provides environmental assessments and remediation planning to turn a brownfield into a green opportunity.
  • Source Water Protection: A further extension of our drinking water expertise, Cambium is one of only a few consulting firms with staff trained and certified as Risk Management Officials / Risk Management Inspectors (RMO/RMI). We can help at any stage of your plan development or implementation.
  • Biological Impact Assessment & Monitoring: Cambium’s bio team are experts in Species at Risk Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments/Natural Heritage Studies, and Environmental management plans.
  • Waste Management Consulting: Landfill and waste management and Annual Monitoring Review services are one of Cambium’s specialties.
  • Renewable Energy Approval (REA): Cambium is proud to providing services and support for renewable energy projects (wind, solar, or biogas) to ensure regulation compliance and assisting clients with a submission of a sound Renewable Energy Approval application.
  • Construction Monitoring: Our team provides on-site monitoring and materials testing in our laboratory to ensure that your project is built to last.


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