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Certified Playground Inspection

Certified Playground Inspection

It’s important for schools to provide a safe environment for learning both inside and outside the classroom. Playing during recess is a vital component of development for children supporting their physical, intellectual and emotional well-being. General schoolyard rules provide a basis for helping keep children safe, but who is responsible for the safety of their play structures?

Cambium is proud to offer Canadian Certified Playground Inspections as a component of our onsite inspection and consulting services. We have staff qualified through the CPRA Canadian Certified Playground Inspector Certification program to provide third-party review and evaluation of play structures to ensure compliance with CSA standards. Our services include onsite examination and audit of the playspace and a full report of the playground status with recommendations for necessary upgrades to meet CSA standards and maintenance scheduling for the upkeep of the equipment. Our expertise will provide you with peace of mind and assurance that you are doing everything possible to manage risk and provide a safe environment for learning and play.

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