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Materials Testing Laboratory

Materials Testing Laboratory

Cambium maintains and operates its own materials testing laboratory facility which complements our geotechnical and field inspection consulting services. We provide a complete service line in geotechnical engineering from the initial geotechnical investigation through to on-site construction inspections, including laboratory construction material testing on the various products employed at the project site. Our experienced senior laboratory staff oversees a team of competent, certified technicians trained in the various materials testing methods. The laboratory is Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) certified in the following areas:

CCIL Aggregate Laboratory Certification:

  • Aggregate Quality Control Laboratory (Type C)
  • Aggregate Physical Property Laboratory (Type D)
  • Superpave Aggregate Consensus Properties

CCIL Asphalt Laboratory Certification:

  • Asphalt Mix Compliance – Marshall & Superpave Methods (Type B)
  • Solvent Extraction

CCIL Concrete Certification:

  • Basic Concrete and Concrete Aggregate Certification – Type Q and R

Materials Testing List

Our laboratory is certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL), and provides testing of the following materials using the latest industry approved testing standards.


  • Concrete Cylinder Compressive Strength Testing
  • Concrete Core Compressive Strength Testing
  • Concrete Density Determination
  • Mix Design Review

Asphalt (Bituminous)

  • Marshall Mix Properties Testing
  • Asphalt Content Determination
  • Mix Gradation Analysis
  • Compaction Testing
  • Mix Design Review

Mortar & Grout

  • Mortar Mix Compressive Strength Testing
  • Grout Strength Compressive Strength Testing


  • Low Complexity Testing
  • Gradation Analysis
  • Wash Pass 75μm SieveDetermination
  • Percent of Crushed Particles Determination
  • Percent Flat & Elongated Particles
  • Asphalt Coated Particles Determination

High Complexity Testing

  • Relative Density & Absorption – Coarse Aggregates
  • Relative Density & Absorption – Fine Aggregates
  • Magnesium Sulphate Soundness
  • Organic Impurities in Concrete Sand
  • Freeze Thaw Coarse Aggregates
  • Two or More Crushed Face Determination
  • Micro-Deval Abrasion – Coarse Aggregate
  • Micro-Deval Abrasion – Fine Aggregates
  • One Point Proctor Determination
  • Determination of Contaminates in Coarse Aggregate
  • Determination of the Presence of Plastic Fines


  • Moisture Content Determination
  • Gradation Analysis employing Hydrometer
  • Specific Gravity Determination of Soils
  • Atterberg Limits of Cohesive Soils
  • Standard Proctor Density Testing


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