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QAQC Onsite Inspections

QAQC Onsite Inspections

Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC) onsite inspections are critical and ensure that systems and applications of materials of during construction are safe, built to code, and will last for generations to come. Quality Control (QC) inspections are typically completed on behalf of the contractor and similarly Quality Assurance (QA) inspections are done on the owner’s behalf with the sole purpose and goal to ensure the quality of work and materials used meet the required contract documents and specifications, as well as the owner’s expectations at construction completion.

As part of Cambium’s construction monitoring services, our qualified inspectors provide QA/QC onsite inspections to ensure that all components of the project are built to appropriate specifications. Cambium is Canadian Welding Bureau Certified (CWB Certification) to CSA W178.1 and employs certified welding inspectors following these procedures. In addition, Cambium holds a Tarion™ Certificate of Approval and provides Builder Bulletin 19R Field Review services.

Cambium is the largest, independent inspections company in Eastern Ontario and our team has extensive experience completing construction inspections in a number of different areas, combining extensive training and expertise to ensure that building quality into the project from the start to avoid costly changes or delays.

Our team includes certified Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Inspectors, inspection staff with industry certifications in welding, coatings, steel, and concrete testing and inspection, including non-destructive testing (NDT), all experts in their respective fields. We provide inspections and quality assurance services to a variety of clients, including all levels of government, construction companies, and various public and private sector clients. Cambium’s QA/QC inspection team understand the complexity of the materials and commences with a solid understanding the construction drawings and specification, and schedule of each project. Cambium provides a number of QA/QC Onsite inspections to support the construction of buildings, roadway, and infrastructure projects in a number of ways including:

Subgrade Inspections

  • Onsite inspections of subgrade soils on earthworks projects
  • Foundation Verification and Footing Inspections
  • Onsite inspections of bearing soils on construction projects
  • Onsite inspections of shallow strip and drilled footings to deep caissons and various piles
  • Engineered/Controlled Fill Compaction Testing
  • Full-time/Part-time monitoring of mineral soil and granular fill projects
  • Onsite sampling of fill materials for lab testing
  • Engineering approval of fill materials
  • Quality control and quality assurance roles

Concrete (Grout/Mortar) Testing & Monitoring

  • Onsite testing and sampling
  • Engineering Review of mix designs
  • Quality control and quality assurance roles
  • Davell pull testing
  • Concrete coring

Granular & Asphalt Compaction Testing

  • Onsite testing of granular road sub-base/base
  • Onsite and Pit sampling for lab testing
  • Onsite testing and sampling of various asphalt concretes
  • Engineering review of mix designs
  • Asphalt coring

Bridge Inspections

  • Concrete coring
  • Asphalt coring
  • Half-cell surveys
  • Covermeter Surveys

Reinforcing Steel Verification

  • Onsite inspection and verification of reinforcing steel/rebar placement
  • Verification of the size, placement and number of rebar to ensure correlation between the project drawings and the construction installation.

Structural Steel & Welding Inspections by certified Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Inspectors

  • CSA W178 CWB Level I/III welding inspectors
  • Site and Shop verifications of design criteria
  • Onsite inspections of structural steel, steel deck, load bearing metal studs, and other miscellaneous metal fabrication to confirm that all steel connections meet specifications
  • Inspections of various process welding applications
  • Dimensional Inspection, Bolting and alignment verification to CSAS16

Roofing Systems & Building Envelope Inspection

  • Roof inspections and condition surveys
  • Roof anchor testing
  • Onsite Inspections of moisture barriers, water proofing, fireproofing, air barrier, rain screen, cladding, window and curtain cladding
  • Building envelope assessments

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