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Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA)

Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA)

Any company with complex or unique types of operations that emits containments and discharges related to air, noise, waste and sewage into the natural environment requires an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). The purpose of this approval is to ensure your business activities do not have any adverse effects on the environment and individuals. An ECA is typically required for specific industries including manufacturing and industrial, cement, waste, and oil refineries. Companies must apply for and receive ECA approvals from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), formerly Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) in order to operate. An amendment to your ECA is also required if you install or modify equipment in your facility that discharges emissions to the environment. Contaminants are defined as any solid, chemical, gas, odour, heat, noise, vibration, or radiation that may cause an adverse effect to the environment. An ECA is typically required for specific industries including manufacturing and industrial, cement, waste, and oil refineries.

Similarly, businesses with less complex operations and activities that pose minimal risk are required to submit for approval through the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR). The differences between EASR and ECA are outlined in PDF document accessible here.

Cambium’s team of engineers and technicians specialize in all things related to the ECA application and approval process. We have a proven record of success in assisting companies with the preparation of ECA applications, and the development of operations that work to achieve the MECP standards and guidelines. Our team goes the extra mile and will liaise with MECP review engineers to assess any further requested compliance measures. Cambium provides solutions that meet and surpass operational and legislative requirements of commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal markets across Canada. Our knowledge and understanding of the MECP regulations is a standard component of our services. We can assist you with the ECA application for air and noise emissions which may include the following:

  • Emissions Summary and Dispersion Modelling Report which includes air dispersion modelling with emission rate estimates and a dispersion model from your operations that aligns with MECP guidelines. We utilize the approved ISC-AERMOD software to generate site-specific three-dimensional modeling of airborne contaminants released from facility emission sources.
  • Acoustic Assessment Report showing measured or estimated noise emissions from equipment onsite, modeled noise impacts at nearby sensitive receptors, and a comparison of predicted impacts with regulatory guidelines.
  • Mitigation control plans if necessary.

Cambium can also assist with any additional work may be required related to an ECA based on the needs of the facility or requirements as set by the MECP and they may include:

  • Annual updates and/or ECA amendments.
  • Coordinate and arrange for stack testing, also referred to as source testing for precise measurements of contaminant emission rates.

Fact Sheet on Ontario Regulation 419/05

For further information refer to the MECP Fact Sheet on O. Reg. 419/05.

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