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Erosion & Sediment Control Plans

Erosion & Sediment Control Plans

Cambium provides erosion and sediment control consulting, design and monitoring services for a variety of temporary and permanent control measures. We are experienced in preparing Erosion and Sediment Control Plans for diverse applications including residential, commercial and infrastructure development, as well as infrastructure maintenance activities adjacent to environmentally sensitive features. Our team can assist clients with meeting their obligations for controlling off-site impacts and potential impacts to sensitive features.

Cambium personnel are familiar with installation and application standards to ensure that the recommended control measures are implemented as designed, and in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Our trained personnel are available to complete routine and emergency monitoring and provide recommendations for erosion and sediment control, to ensure that releases of sediment to the environment do not result in contravention of applicable policies, regulations, or legislation. Effective erosion and sediment controls can safeguard or increase project profits by reducing costs associated with re-work, soil loss and other structural damage, work stoppages, and potential regulatory fines. Our clients include industries, construction companies, municipalities, developers, and private landowners.

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