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Excess Soil Management (per O.Reg. 406/19)

Excess Soil Management (per O.Reg. 406/19)

The intent of the Excess Soil Management Regulation (O.Reg.406/19) which comes into effect on July 1, 2020 is to properly manage soil as a valued resource and promote its beneficial reuse, all with confidence that environmental liabilities and risks of negative impacts are also managed. The primary drivers of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) regulation is to prevent contamination of sites, properly manage soil as a resource, divert reusable soils from landfills, and to reduce greenhouse gases. The regulations also introduces amendments to O.Reg. 153/04 (Records of Site Condition) and O.Reg. 347 (Waste) and O.Reg. 351/12 (Waste Management Systems) under the Environmental Protection Act.

How will the Excess Soil Management Regulation affect my Project?

Historically, soil management was recommended but it will now be a requirement in accordance with the regulation. In addition, a Qualified Person (Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist) is required at both the source and reused site. Cambium can guide and advise you on how to achieve balance through the changes. The Excess Soil Management regulation obligates a minimum standard of due diligence in the management, movement and testing of excess soil. Our professionals provide expert advice on how this may affect your operations and will help guide you to compliance.

Whether you are a regulator, receiver, or generator, Cambium provides a complement of services to leverage opportunities for soil reuse and proper management. Our Qualified Person (P.Eng. or P.Geo.) services for due diligence, liability risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance include:

  • Soil Management Plans
  • Assessments of Past Uses
  • Sampling and Analysis Plans
  • Soil Characterization
  • Excess Soil Destination Assessment Reports
  • Handling and Transport Oversight, Tracking, and Documentation
  • Pit/Quarry Rehabilitation (oversight, management, importation)
  • By-law and Policy Development
  • Receiving Site Permitting
  • Initial smaller scale assessments of soil to assist in decision-making, budgeting, or tenders,
  • Planning consultation

Cambium will provide you with a comprehensive solution to both small and large-scale soil handling projects. We facilitate the approach to large-scale fill sites by developing and conceptually implementing a detailed, site-specific soil management plan (SMP) that keeps both source and receiving sites operating within the scientific realm of predetermined site criteria. Cambium can also provide all of the services that may be required by municipal and provincial authorities for larger fill handling projects which can include soil, surface and groundwater chemical analysis, hydrogeological and hydrological studies, Species at Risk (SAR), natural heritage studies as well as sediment and erosion control assessments.

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