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Hydrogeology and Hydrology

Hydrogeology and Hydrology

Hydrology is the study of the movement, quality and distribution of water. Hydrogeology – the geologic specialty which focuses on the movement of ground water amongst soil and rock. Cambium provides a wide variety of hydrology and hydrogeology consulting services such as the following:

  • Terrain analysis and site characterization.
  • Subsurface contaminant delineation and impact assessments.
  • Potable water resource development.
  • Hydraulic (pumping) testing of water well to determine aquifer yield and sustainable water taking.
  • Permits to Take Water (PTTW).
  • Dewatering assessments and approvals for construction activities, as well as pits, quarries and mines.
  • Site private servicing studies.
  • Assessment and design of subsurface wastewater disposal (septic) systems.
  • Aquifer and wellhead protection assessment and delineation.
  • Monitoring well installation.
  • Groundwater and surface water chemical analysis and interpretation.
  • Groundwater and surface water trigger mechanisms and contingency planning.
  • Modeling of existing/future groundwater quality and flow using programs such as MODFLOW and HELP.
  • Technical peer reviews.

We are here to help: Cambium’s hydrogeologists and engineers are experts in groundwater and surface water management and consulting. Our hydrogeology experts work with clients to find cost‐effective solutions to environmental challenges that meet the approval of regulatory agencies and other stakeholders. We provide services for a diverse group of clients including the aggregate industry for pits and quarries, mines, developers, industrial and commercial businesses, and individuals for a wide variety of exploration of water supply, dewatering, wastewater design and impact studies.

Some examples of hydrogeological projects we complete regularly include: baseline surveys prior to site development, impact assessments associated with anthropogenic activities at a property, and assessments associated with water resource development and protection. Other examples of common projects hydrogeological investigations and assessments to characterize the existing geological and hydrogeological conditions of a site – including the installation of geological boreholes and monitoring wells, installation of pumping wells, and aquifer testing via hydraulic pumping tests and characterization of groundwater yield and resources. We have also conducted groundwater/surface water assessments to determine the influence of groundwater takings on surface water systems and their potential to impact aquatic resources. Our team is experienced in the use of a wide variety of tools such as stereo air photo interpretation, geophysical surveys, test well installation, aquifer pumping tests, field sampling, field measurements, and numerical computer modeling to complete projects effectively and efficiently.

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