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Site Remediation and Restoration

Site Remediation and Restoration

Cambium has an extensive portfolio of successful environmental site remediation projects consisting of light to extensive remediation work and brownfield reclamation. Our team has the experience and skills require for remediation projects in order to bring the conditions of a contaminated site within an acceptable limit for the intended long-term land use. Our goal is to remediate, reclaim and/or restore the land back to its original state or a state suitable for human use. Cambium’s restoration abilities include removing, reducing, or neutralizing soil, sediment and water contaminants that threaten human health and ecosystem productivity and integrity. We have worked extensively with a variety of clients and sectors including government, municipalities, and insurance companies, industrial, manufacturing, and private individuals. Cambium provides our clients with complete project services from investigation and management, to clean-up methods design and technologies.

We use in-situ remediation and ex-situ remediation techniques and approaches, depending on the size of the site, nature and extent of the contamination, and the proposed end use for the property.

Our In-situ and Ex-situ remediation techniques include:

  • Air sparging.
  • Chemical oxidation.
  • Groundwater collection and treatment.
  • Bioremediation.
  • Soil and groundwater disposal.

Cambium also specializes in brownfield developments; previously developed sites that now site idle or have been abandoned over fears that the site is contaminated. Cambium can work with clients and provide viable options for brownfield remediation and redevelopment options. We provide expert advice in both environmental site management and environmental planning that are components of brownfield development. Our team is also extremely knowledgeable about the Ontario Investment Ready Certified Site Funding Program. We can assist clients in preparing applications and completing the required studies and documentation including environmental site assessments, species at risk assessments, and document review to name just a few.

Brownfield Assessment, Redevelopment and Funding Support

Brownfields are plots of land that were previously used for industrial purposes and have not been developed on due to potential contamination of hazardous waste. The government has a program available called the Investment ready Certified Site Funding Program to redevelop brownfields, offering up to $25,000 per site. Cambium provides site assessments, remediation plans and services, as well as assistance and approvals for accessing government funding for your brownfield remediation project. For more information of our site assessments see our Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessment page. For more information on the Ontario Investment Ready Certified Site Funding Program give us a call or visit the link.

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