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Source Water Protection

Source Water Protection

Stemming from the Clean Water Act 2006, Source water protection plans are developed at local levels to protect drinking water sources from contamination. Implemented by the Ontario Government, the Act focuses on protecting municipal sources of drinking water at the source – lakes, rivers and ground water – before it enters treatment systems. A Source Water Protection Plan involves identifying and assessing threats to drinking water, developing policies and actions to reduce or eliminate the threats, and monitoring progress.

Cambium specializes in drinking water and has expertise to help municipalities with the implementation of their Source Protection Plan. We are one of only a few consulting firms with staff trained and certified as Risk Management Officials / Risk Management Inspectors (RMO/RMI) through the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Risk Management Training and Property Entry Program. As appointed RMO/RMI for multiple Municipalities, we are familiar with technical reports and information, the regulations and policies, and implementation initiatives being undertaken in the province.

Our team has a thorough understanding of the Clean Water Act, source protection, and the role of RMO/RMI – saving you time and expense. We will ensure that the delivery of your municipal RMO/RMI service is accurate, flexible, and cost effective.

Regardless of the stage you are at in your plan implementation, Cambium can:

  • Provide expert advice or assistance with the understanding and implementation of the policies under your plan.
  • Provide RMO/RMI Services to implement the regulation of drinking water threats.
  • Be an alternate RMO/RMI for your designated official or provide assistance with development reviews.


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