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Waste Audits & Waste Reduction Work Plans

Waste Audits & Waste Reduction Work Plans

By conducting a waste audit and implementing a waste reduction work plan, your organization can maintain compliance with Ontario Government mandated regulations. Ontario’s 3Rs Regulations (O. Reg. 103/94 – Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Source Separation Programs) require businesses to develop waste management programs to reduce the amount of waste going to disposal and to establish waste reduction work plans. The purpose of a waste audit is to determine the amount and composition of waste and how it is produced within your operations or specific site.

Cambium offers waste audit and waste consulting services conducted in accordance with Ontario Regulation 102/94 and 103/94. Our Waste Management Specialists develop efficient waste programs to ensure that your facility is compliant with Ontario’s 3R Regulations. Cambium has successfully provided waste management services for a wide range of sectors including all levels of government, commercial, institutions, and industrial manufacturing clients with multiple waste streams. Our waste auditors are extremely knowledgeable and remain current in waste regulations, ensuring that work plans and strategies set in place maintain compliance with Ontario Government mandated regulations and will result in greater waste reduction and potential for significant operational cost savings.

Cambium provides a number of waste audit and reduction services with integrated management plans that includes:

  • Waste Audits in compliance with O. Reg. 102/94 and 103/94 – e.g. Educational Institutions, Shopping Establishments, Construction Projects, Office Buildings
  • Waste Composition Studies – municipal and commercial programs
  • Source Separation Programs
  • Waste Reduction Work Plans and Waste Management Programs
  • Waste Diversion Program Reporting to various Organizations (RPRA, SO, PCA, IFOs)
  • Waste Management Training – help for employees on how to implement and maintain a waste management plan
  • Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Audits (Outbound Residue and Commodity)

Cambium commences an audit with establishing baseline or benchmark data, and characterising and quantifying the waste streams of any generation trends. From there, we verify waste pathways, identify waste diversion and source reduction opportunities, and assess the effectiveness of current systems. Field work can include interviewing staff, reviewing records and existing operations, as well as consulting with suppliers on additional economical means and arrangements for waste handling. Cambium looks for ways to improve the efficiency of waste management systems and obtain detailed data on waste generation to allow for more accurate product costing. The benefits of a waste audit and reduction strategy include improved efficiencies and potential cost savings.

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