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Water & Wastewater Engineering

Water & Wastewater Engineering

Cambium’s professionals are experts in water and wastewater engineering. Our team has an extensive background in water supply, drinking water system compliance programs, onsite wastewater treatment and water treatment programs for a wide range of clients including school boards, campgrounds, resorts, commercial businesses, property developers, industrial users, municipalities and individual land owners.

Our areas of expertise and service include:

Drinking Water Systems Evaluation and Compliance Programs

Ontario’s drinking water system legislation – the Safe Drinking Water Act – came into force in 2002. Under this legislation, nearly all drinking water systems that provide potable water to the public are required to take measures to mitigate risks to human health. The compliance requirements for a regulated drinking water system depend upon the characteristics and classification of the system as prescribed in the regulations.

Requirements of the regulations include:

  • Scheduled operational checks, microbiological testing and chemical testing.
  • Compliance with the applicable standards for minimum level of treatment.
  • Currency of Environmental Compliance Approval.
  • Scheduled annual report submissions.
  • Appropriately trained personnel to operate the system.
  • Certification of systems by a professional engineer.
  • Preparation of operational plans for the system.
  • Preparation and approval of financial plans for the system.
  • Application for a drinking-water works permit and a municipal drinking-water license.

Cambium provides drinking water system compliance programs to public and private sector clients to satisfy a complete range of service requirements. Our qualified staff works with clients to review and evaluate their specific drinking water circumstances. We will provide practical solutions to eliminate uncertainties that are tailored to your specific needs.

Cambium can evaluate your existing treatment equipment and water treatment systems to ensure it is compliant with the Ministry of the Environment Procedure for Disinfection of Drinking Water in Ontario with Schedule 2, 6 and 8 of Ontario Regulation 170/03 (O. Reg. 170/03) of the Drinking Water Systems Regulation. We will also produce the necessary Engineering Evaluation Report and documentation as required by Schedule 21 of the same regulation.

Our staff has the expertise to collect all types of drinking water samples as required under the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards. Samples may be collected during the site inspections and submitted for analysis of those characterisation parameters required to support a certification process and regulatory monitoring. In the event that a source supplying a drinking water system is subject to significant variations in water quality, Cambium may recommend follow-up sampling for select parameters to document the range of change in those select parameters only. For specific tests, our samples are analysed through a laboratory accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA).

Wastewater system evaluation and design

Cambium has extensive experience with wastewater treatment systems. Subsurface wastewater disposal systems (onsite wastewater treatment, often referred to as septic systems) pose a risk to water resources and it is important to understand your risks. The risks are mainly influenced by proximity to a water source, local groundwater vulnerability, surrounding land owners, native soil composition, position and fluctuation of the water table, direction of groundwater flow, type of treatment system and quality of effluent as well as the condition and age of the system components. No matter how complicated your site, we can find a solution.

Cambium has the experience and expertise necessary to successfully develop wastewater treatment solutions appropriate for the site-specific constraints and challenges faced by our clients in both the public and private sectors. The scope of services includes:

Site characterization

  • Hydrogeological investigation of shallow groundwater conditions, soil type and structure.
  • Determination of soil attenuation or receiving waters assimilation capacity.
  • Environmental constraints, inventories, and baselines.

Design process

  • Regulatory liaison.
  • System design.

Construction phase

  • Analysis of leaching bed soil characteristics.
  • “As-built” drawings.
  • System installation supervision and certification.


  • Re-inspection and evaluation of existing systems.
  • System upgrades or expansions.
  • Compliance monitoring.
  • Site remediation.

If you are planning a renovation or expansion, it is important to know if your system can handle the loads. Our experts will analyze the existing load capacity and can identify if the system is adequate, or provide solutions to accommodate your needs. We can also design a new sceptic system, which is required to obtain a building permit or a Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) depending on size. Proactive planning will save you time and money when it is time to build.

Cambium experts are with you every step of the way from soil evaluation and design to installation coordination and liaison with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Conservation Authorities, and Municipalities on your behalf.

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