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Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical Investigations

Before construction begins, it is important to understand the subsurface conditions at a site. The integrity of any structure depends on the strength of its foundation and investigating soil, rock and groundwater conditions at a site is critical to identifying the challenges ahead.

Cambium’s geotechnical engineering team has over 60 years of consulting experience providing geotechnical solutions and investigations for various clients including consulting, engineering, and construction firms, all levels of government, private companies, and alternative energy companies. Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to assess “problem sites”, where soil or groundwater conditions are less than favourable for the proposed development, and develop options and site specific solutions that work with the Client’s needs.Our comprehensive investigations resulting in development of site specific geotechnical parameters and construction recommendations allows your infrastructure to be built with confidence.

Our engineers perform geotechnical investigations using the latest technologies to determine the composition and properties of the soil and rock at a proposed building site. The results of the inspections allow designers to produce plans and specifications that reflect the interaction between the structure’s requirements and the subsurface conditions at the site, and to optimize the design of the structure.

Geotechnical and subsurface investigation methods commonly used by our engineers include borehole drilling, rock coring, test pit excavations, in-situ density testing (SPT N, DCPT, vane shear testing), installation of groundwater monitors and geophysical surveys. Cambium has extensive geotechnical project experience, which has included bridges, culverts, roadways and underground services, dams, solar and wind farms, and commercial, residential, institutional and industrial buildings.

Our geotechnical engineering expertise includes:

  • Soil, rock and groundwater investigations.
  • Foundation design and inspection.
  • Excavation and pipe bedding design.
  • Pavement design and inspection.
  • Construction dewatering and Permits to Take Water (PTTW).
  • Underpinning and remedial work.
  • Recommendations for problem sites including engineered fill and pre-loading.
  • Pile design and inspection.
  • Slope stability analyses and Erosion Hazard Limits calculations.
  • Footing inspections and other geotechnical inspections during construction.
  • Compaction and concrete testing.

Cambium also provide peer review services. Our experienced engineers can review geotechnical reports on behalf of clients to provide a second opinion as to investigation methods, analysis results, and design recommendations.

As a multi-faceted company, we provide complete project services and our geotechnical engineering integrates seamlessly with our environmental engineering, building sciences, and construction inspections and materials testing services.

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