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Excess Soil Management (per O.Reg. 406/19)

Geotechnical Soils Handling

New and emerging regulatory requirements and increasing demand for soil fill or fill removal has created a geotechnical sector around the handling and classification of soils. Soil handling involves determining the contents and classification of soil that will be used as fill and the acceptable methods of moving said fill. This process begins with soil characterization and chemical analysis where assessment of import/export of excess fill is required – this happens prior to construction during a geotechnical analysis. Typically during construction, continuing analysis of surplus or incoming fill is required alongside necessary permits.

Cambium’s geotechnical engineers will work closely with you to provide a feasible approach to soils handling consulting services and geotechnical investigation that satisfies landowners, developers, municipalities and conservation authorities in maintaining the integrity and function of the natural systems that currently exist on fill sites and their adjacent lands.

We strive to improve the suitability of your land for agricultural, residential, commercial or industrial use by offering feasible re-grading and soil handling options. Cambium’s staff have over 30 years of experience dealing with all of the necessary regulatory requirements involved in soil handling and will navigate the regulatory authorities, by-laws, guidelines and codes to satisfy the respective permitting authorities so that you don’t have to. We will also devise a work plan aimed at evaluating the suitability of the site for fill placement to satisfy the needs of all interested parties.

Cambium can also provide services for soils chemical analysis in addition to other environmental impact studies or hydrological studies that may be required for larger fill handling projects in some municipalities in accordance with provincial authorities.

We can provide easy, comprehensive and timely solutions for soil handling and geotechnical investigation; whether a chemical soil characterization is required as part of a geotechnical investigation or you require soil handling and disposal options during construction or large-scale fills – we can help. Cambium works closely with you and your projects and we integrate our services seamlessly with our environmental and geotechnical engineering teams for effectiveness and efficiency that will meet your needs and deadlines.

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