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Slope Stability Analysis

Slope Stability Analysis

Slope stability is the ability of soil-covered slopes to withstand movements and pressure. Slope Stability Analysis is necessary to assess both natural and man-made slopes (such as embankments, landfills, excavations etc.) for building permits and regulations. These analyses can be provided for existing structures, sloped land where building is intended, or for man-made slope construction.

Cambium’s professionals use a variety of leading edge techniques to provide our consulting services in the most effective and efficient ways possible including the use of numerical software modelling. Where slope stability is deemed dangerous or unfit for building, Cambium’s engineers can design remediation methods such as barriers or stabilization and navigate all necessary regulatory needs to implement economical solutions. Slope Stability Analysis is also necessary for the calculation of the Erosion Hazard Limit – necessary for many building permits.

Cambium tailors an investigation program to meet the site specific needs and issues, incorporating client provided information where available. We use Visual Slope software to model the site specific slope and proposed development, incorporating soil and groundwater data from the investigation and topographical data, either from an existing client-provided topographical survey or survey data gathered as part of our investigation. With this information we are able to accurately model the slope and determine the impacts from the proposed development.

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