Spotlight on Natural Sciences

Mar 6, 2023

Andrea Coppins shares how she has evolved with Cambium by embracing change and innovation.

Andrea is a Senior Ecologist and Project Manager on the Natural Sciences Team, a role she has grown into over her almost 15 years with the company. Andrea leverages her experience and deep understanding of ecology to help clients conform to natural heritage planning policies and regulations. 

A trained ecologist with a specific interest in botany, Andrea appreciates learning about each landscape she works on; its history, her client’s plans for the property, how a species group uses it and what that indicates about the land itself.

Why Cambium?

I’ve been at Cambium since 2009, so it has come to feel like a second home. I care about the company and the people who work here.

I also like the fluidity of the work on the Natural Sciences team. Not only are regulations constantly changing, but the work itself is diverse. I like the complexity of managing moving parts to create one cohesive plan and learning from clients with different perspectives.

What do you wish people understood better about Natural Sciences?

I think there can be an oppositional view to natural heritage, and to what might be found on the land. It can be viewed as a hurdle to development instead of an opportunity to be innovative with our restoration plans and techniques.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

While embracing new challenges is part of working on the Natural Sciences team, I appreciate the flexibility Cambium offers because my proudest accomplishment is hands down my two daughters.

Career-wise, I am proud of how much our team has grown over the last few years and the breadth of experience we are able to offer our clients. In the early stages of my career, I was fortunate to work on a variety of projects across different service lines, so I experienced firsthand how we can guide clients at all stages of the planning and development process.

What advice would you give to someone entering your line of work?

Be adaptable. The context of this work is always changing. You must be willing to learn every day.

Andrea Coppins, B.A., Dipl., has over 15 years of experience in the environmental science field, having worked with consulting firms, provincial and federal government agencies, and Conservation Authorities. She brings an in-depth understanding of natural heritage policy, municipal process, and regulation to land development project work.


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