Tarion Field Review Consulting for Triple T Holdings

Oct 5, 2023

Cambium was retained as the Tarion Field Review Consultant (FRC) for one of Triple T Holdings’ latest projects, a 3-storey, 20-unit building. Triple T Holdings is a development company specializing in planning, designing, and executing condominium developments. It has a long history in building lifestyle and retirement communities in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

In this case, Cambium’s scope of work included helping our client ensure the quality, safety, and durability of their construction project while addressing any issues that could arise during the inspection process.

Asphalt Shingles on Sloped Roof
Cambium conducted a comprehensive inspection of the asphalt shingles on the sloped roof to evaluate its condition
  1. Asphalt Shingles on Sloped Roof:
    • Inspection and Assessment: Cambium conducted a comprehensive inspection of the asphalt shingles on the sloped roof to evaluate its condition. This includes conformance to the architectural drawings and specifications, and Manufacturer installation guidelines.
    • Quality Assurance:  We ensured that the shingles were correctly installed, with the appropriate underlayment, weather barriers and ventilation.
  2. Hardie Board Siding:
    • Visual Inspection: Our experts visually inspected the Hardie board siding for any visible defects, such as cracks, chips, or warping.
    • Installation Assessment: We reviewed the installation to confirm that it complies with industry standards and manufacturer recommendations.
  3. Window Testing:
    • Air and Water Infiltration Testing: Cambium performed tests to assess the installed windows conditions to resist air and water infiltration. This includes using specialized equipment to simulate pressure differentials.
    • Safety and Functionality: They ensured that the windows meet safety requirements and operate correctly, including checking locks, hinges, and seals.
  4. Exterior Sealants:
    • Sealant Inspection: Our team inspected all exterior sealants, such as those around windows, doors, and joints, to check for cracks, gaps, or deterioration.
    • Re-Sealing Recommendations: Based on our findings, Cambium provided recommendations for re-sealing or repairing any compromised areas to maintain the building’s integrity.
  5. Below-Grade Waterproofing:
    • Waterproofing Inspection: Cambium assessed the waterproofing system installed in below-grade areas to ensure it is effectively preventing water penetration.
  6. Balcony Guardrail Testing:
    • Structural Integrity Assessment: We evaluated the structural integrity of balcony guardrails, ensuring they meet safety standards and can support the intended loads.
    • Safety Compliance: Our team verified that guardrails are the appropriate height and spacing in accordance with the Ontario Building Code.
    • Material and Finish Inspection: We inspected the materials and finishes of balconies and guardrails to identify any defects in accordance with the contract documents.

Cambium provides effective communication and time management, both crucial for development projects to ensure seamless coordination among team members and stakeholders. William Turner, Triple T Holdings, says “Cambium’s comprehensive understanding of the Tarion regulations and their ability to communicate them in a clear and concise manner were particularly helpful. Cambium not only guided us through compliance but also provided valuable insights into best practices.”

Tarion Field Review Consulting


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