Tarion Warranty BB19r Field Review

Tarion Warranty BB19r Field Review

Under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act (ONHWP Act), all condominium development projects in the Province of Ontario must comply with Tarion’s Builder Bulletin 19R (BB19R) design and site review requirements. The Ontario Government appointed Tarion Warranty Corporation (Tarion) the responsibility to administer the Act and Regulations. For quality assurance and quality control purposes, an independent Field Review Consultant that is Tarion Certified must review the design and construction of the condo to ensure it is being built as per the BB19R, or as the industry refers 19R standards and to resolve any construction deficiencies.

Cambium is an approved Field Review Consultant (FRC) and holds a valid Tarion Certificate to provide independent BB19R Field Review and administration services. Our qualified professionals are well versed in the administration and review process and can provide testing and inspection technical support for verification.

What is the role of a BB19R Field Review Consultant?

A Certified BB19R FRC’s role is to identify and minimize deficiency risks through the stages of design development, construction and project completion, when the Home Owner warranty comes into effect. Cambium’s BB19R Field Reviewers pay close attention to detail and understand the complexity of construction materials and techniques. Our qualified professionals have a thorough understanding of the BB19R and are well versed in the administration and reporting of the Tarion program for builders. Complementary to this, Cambium can also provide qualified testing and inspection for all construction components.

What does a BBR19R Field Review include?

  • BB19R outlines the steps and procedures for the builder and field reviewer to verify which includes:
    • Design review and Certification of Final Construction Drawings
    • Construction Reports every 60 days once construction commences (breaking of ground)
    • Milestone reports and summaries of deficiencies to be corrected
    • Final review
    • Final report

Cambium FRC work proactively with developers, architects and builders to identify expectations and/or potential issues in the design of the building envelope. During construction, our field reviewers provide advice and monitor for early detection of construction deficiencies that need attention to bring about successful resolution and impact to the project completion. Collectively we work together through the steps and procedures efficiently to minimize the cost of repairs and warranty claims at a future date for the builder and the homeowner.