Particulate Matter Air Monitoring Program – Unimin Nephton & Blue Mountain Mine Sites

Client: Unimin Canada Ltd.
Date: Seasonal Monitoring 2012 to Present

Cambium conducted ambient air monitoring for two Unimin sites that mine and process nepheline syenite to ascertain dust impact on neighbouring properties in the area. There was the potential for dust (particulate matter) to blow from the tailings area of the plant sites when the settling ponds become unsaturated. To confirm this speculation, Cambium was retained by Unimin to collects suspended particulate matter, continuously measures the concentration, and to take samples at dustfall sites.

Motion activated video surveillance was recorded both on and off-site monitor and visually observe road traffic and dust events from vehicles, people, wind-blown vegetation, and various other sources. The footage was then correlated to dust events observed on the sampling media.

Cambium also considered weather factors when assessing the analytical data, in regards to wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, and temperature. The wind speed provides a correlation to expected/observed dust levels, as higher wind speeds are capable of carrying the dust further from the origin.