Waste Management

Waste Management

It is important to evaluate and develop environmental strategies and solutions for solid waste management. Cambium has been providing waste management consulting services to municipal and private clients in Ontario since 1989. Our expertise provides clients with optimal solutions for new landfill designs and options for expanded operations. We understand your unique needs and take pride in offering cost-effective waste management and diversion solutions that are acceptable to municipalities, regulatory agencies and private enterprises. The Cambium team – including waste management specialists, engineers, hydrogeologists, biologists, and technologists –achieve these goals while routinely meeting time and budgetary constraints and maintaining rigorous quality standards.

We are extremely proficient and will guide you every step of the way to ensure your landfill is compliant with the Ministry regulations and help to develop waste management options for the future. Our key areas of expertise are:

  • Landfill Capacity Solutions
  • Annual Monitoring Reviews (AMR)
  • Waste management strategic planning (EPA and EAA)
  • Waste management system optimization
  • Waste diversion system strategies and implementation
  • Landfill site design, operations and development planning
  • Waste transfer station and diversion depot design
  • Water and landfill gas monitoring and assessment
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals and amendments
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Financial assurance assessments
  • Agency, stakeholder and public consultation programs

Landfill Capacity Solutions

As capacity at waste disposal sites is consumed, the remaining operational life diminishes. Municipalities and private owners should be proactive in the decision making process for a long term solution. Cambium has extensive experience with assisting clients to successfully develop long term strategies for solid waste management.

In order to assess the landfill capacity, we can work with clients to develop a waste management plan audit. The results will provide baseline information from which to assess the best option. When a landfill at a waste disposal site is reaching the end of its remaining capacity Cambium will work with you to assess future options that best meet your needs, which can include:

  • Closure – the landfill is closed to final contours, with a final cover cap applied. In certain situations closed landfills can be used for alternate purposes such as green space or golf courses. Any users of this site will have to utilize another site moving forward. Landfills need to be closed based on MECP Guidelines and Regulations and site specific approval requirements.
  • Closure and conversion to a Transfer Station – the landfill is closed as described above. Users can still bring their materials to the site and then waste is transferred to another location for final disposal. Transfer Stations require approval from the MECP based on Design and Operations Plans submitted for review and approval.
  • Expansion of waste capacity – an application is submitted to the MECP to expand the site capacity. If approval is granted, the municipality can continue to use this site for landfilling based on the revised approved maximum capacity and final contours.

Ontario Regulation 101/07 provides for three (3) types of expansions including:

  • Small expansions (under 40,000m³) require limited technical studies.
  • Medium expansions (40,000-100,000 m³) require completion of an Environmental Screening Process.
  • Large expansions require a full Environmental Assessment.

Annual Monitoring Review

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) formerly the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) receives about 1000 landfill monitoring reports annually. These reports are typically at the cost to the owner/operator and contain detailed and site specific information related to the landfill site. The annual monitoring reports (open or closed sites) are reviewed on a timely basis and the Ministry requires it be completed by appropriate Competent Environmental Practitioners (CEP), as defined in their A Technical Guidance Manual. A standardized checklist is also required to accompany the annual landfill monitoring report and must be signed and stamped by a CEP.

Cambium has successfully completed countless Annual Monitoring Reports - sampling, monitoring and reporting - for a variety of landfill sizes. Our team (Professional Engineers, Geoscientists, Biologists, and Technologists) meet the Ministry’s Competent Environmental Practitioners requirements. We are proud of the quality of our work and service we deliver to clients, and have been exceeding the MECP's minimum requirements for monitoring and reporting consistently.