Women in Leadership: Kristina leans into a unique skill set to help lead at Cambium

Apr 5, 2023

Meet Kristina, an accounting and finance professional with 10+ years of experience in financial reporting, project costing and data analysis. At Cambium, she oversees all accounting and finance activities, designs, and implements internal controls to effectively mitigate risk. She also helps the teams navigate contract administration, which is a (unexpected!) passion of hers. “Working as a finance professional at a construction firm really helped me understand that I could take my experience and skills and apply them anywhere. That experience helped me develop a unique skill set that provides value to Cambium in the engineering and consulting space.”

Kristina is particularly proud to be a woman of colour in a leadership position. “The stats [from McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace 2022 study], demonstrate how difficult it is for women of colour to get to a similar position. I’m proud and grateful to work at Cambium, where the Senior Leadership Team values what I bring to the table.” During the time she’s been with Cambium, Kristina has proposed a lot of change– and she’s received positive feedback. “There is no bias here. If you have a good idea, you will be heard.”

Historically, Kristina believes society has not prioritized gender equity, but is hopeful that it is changing. “More awareness has led to more consideration which levels the playing field. The best example I’ve seen recently is high-vis maternity wear. This makes it possible for women to continue working in technical and construction fields while growing families.” Kristina’s experience in accounting and finance have shown her that women bring a different perspective on collaboration and prioritization. “Women in finance and accounting can help employers prioritize the things that matter to people. They can really make a difference for their company and colleagues.”

For women considering entering this field or this industry, Kristina recommends “lean into your unique skills and abilities. Recognize when to keep pushing.”


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