Women in Leadership: Karen Mann guides the Human Resources team with a sharp focus on building culture and diversity

May 22, 2023

Meet Karen. Karen joined Cambium in 2006 as it’s first official employee. Since then, she has progressed through different roles within the admin, finance, and Human Resources (HR) departments supporting Cambium’s growth.  In a company known for strong culture and continuous momentum, Karen, in her role as Senior HR Manager, is responsible for developing and executing Cambium’s people strategy.

Karen is passionate about putting together the right team, to attract more women and more newcomers to Canada to the company. “I’m not satisfied with where we are yet – there is much room for growth. Having different perspectives on the team will help us to see where we are now so we can determine where we want to go.” Diversity is a key priority at Cambium and will require intentional coordinated efforts to see improvement.

 Helping to build Cambium’s culture from the ground up has been a long-standing source of pride for Karen. “I want Cambium to continue to be a great place to work, and I believe that is brought to life by our people. Culture should make you want to learn and grow with the company.” A real test on Cambium’s culture presented itself with the covid-19 pandemic. “HR carried a heavy employee burden. It was difficult to make decisions that affected so many people without having all the information.”  Karen was happy with how Cambium weathered the pandemic, leveraging creative options to keep people employed. “[how we dealt with the pandemic] reinforced trust in Cambium, trust in our leadership. We really were all in it together.”  

Karen continues “Cambium is a great place to work. There is a lot of opportunity to progress, alongside great people. When I started my career here, I never could have imagined where it would take me.”


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